Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Every time I come here, I think maybe this time, I'll be able to blog. The truth is that when I'm here, I am simply too busy and, consequently, too tired. The past week has been a bit of a blur. Carrie left to attend her grandfather's funeral right before I arrived, so I had to hit the ground running despite jet lag and a complete lack of enough sleep.

We have been so freaking busy, it's nuts. I was cooking and cleaning up after two tours a day, by myself. Thank god Carrie returned, but then she had to leave again to attend a friend's wedding in England.
Anyway, I've been pretty much busting my ass since I got here, much of it by myself. I am so glad Carrie's back and now I have company and help!!

It's hard to complain when I'm in one of the world's most beautiful places. I feel ungrateful, actually, for having anything other than Oh my god, I am so lucky! thoughts. The truth is, this is kind of my personal hell, albeit a really beautiful hell?  I don't know, I come here and I have to surrender myself, work my ass off, and be bossed around by my mother whenever I'm here. Everyone is always like, Oh, you're so lucky to get to come here for vacation! and I want to reply, Uh, yeah, it's not really vacation for me, is it?

We have mostly been doing tours and such. Other than that, I've done some work on our small farm (orto). Seeing that my mom's been gone for almost a year, everything is really dirty, cluttered, and in need of elbow grease. Angelo kept turning away the lady who usually cleans the house, telling her "my house is clean!" (*cough* bullshit *cough*). Thankfully, we've gone above Angelo's head and now she's begun to work on reversing the deep dirty mess this house has become. My mom would die if she could see it, haha. The truth is, the tours are a ton of work and there really is no way to do that and keep the house in order. I started, one thing at a time, and within three days each part I cleaned was back to its filthy state. Very frustrating.

I can't believe I've only been here just over a week. It feels like a month already. Carrie says she's pretty much over it, since she did this May-October last year, and will probably be leaving in July, when my mom returns. This SUCKS. I rely on Carrie for fun, for someone near my age, someone to balance the craziness that is my family. Even if she wasn't working and helping with the tours, I would want her around as someone to commiserate with.

Anyway, my date of freedom is August 12. I am looking forward to that date like you wouldn't believe. It signals the beginning of my new life in California, on my own, without having an overly-controlling mother breathing down my neck. Getting my life back on track, doing things for me, and being in charge of my own life. With Mom on a separate continent, as I like it. ;)

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