Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ridiculous Crushes on Fictional Characters

Agent Dunham 

My current celebrity crush is Anna Torv. I was bored and started watching Fringe and what immediately hooked me was that there was an ass-kicking female lead character. Oh, and she happens to be so hot.

She's cute and hot and she has freckles. There is also this soft-spoken tomboyishness, which may simply be the character of Agent Dunham, but whatever it is, I like it. Then there's this episode of Fringe that is one of the hotter things I've watched -- Agent Dunham is straight, but does a mind meld with a guy capable of influencing other people's emotions.. just as he's about to seduce a stripper. Anna's acting is superb and her desire for the woman is titillatingly palpable.. I'm practically fanning myself just thinking about it. Anyway, all of this has moved her to the number one spot on my Celebrities I'd Like to Make Out With list.

Imagine my glee when I Googled her and discovered she was in a BBC show and played a lesbian. Now I get to sit in the privacy of my room to perversely revel in the scenes where Anna kisses girls.

Agent Dunham

Hee hee.

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