Monday, December 10, 2007

False Advertising

So, when I was last at the grocery store, I decided to take a risk and I bought some Lean Pockets, in favor of eating just a smidge better than the regular ones. I always resisted trying them, even though the commercials always show some doofy dude who stole his wife's Lean Pockets and doesn't realize it because they taste so good. I'm afraid I never really bought it and I see now that I was perfectly correct in my fear of these abominations.

Now that I have tried these evil, icky cousins of my beloved Hot Pocket, I see these commercials with new eyes. It's not that the Lean Pockets are awesome, it's that the husband doesn't recognize it's a Lean Pocket because it's so much like eating a handful of sawdust and weird-tasting goo.

Yum. If their sales lag, they could always market toward people who have pica.

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