Thursday, December 13, 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007

False Advertising

So, when I was last at the grocery store, I decided to take a risk and I bought some Lean Pockets, in favor of eating just a smidge better than the regular ones. I always resisted trying them, even though the commercials always show some doofy dude who stole his wife's Lean Pockets and doesn't realize it because they taste so good. I'm afraid I never really bought it and I see now that I was perfectly correct in my fear of these abominations.

Now that I have tried these evil, icky cousins of my beloved Hot Pocket, I see these commercials with new eyes. It's not that the Lean Pockets are awesome, it's that the husband doesn't recognize it's a Lean Pocket because it's so much like eating a handful of sawdust and weird-tasting goo.

Yum. If their sales lag, they could always market toward people who have pica.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Alena Burger

Hi.. I'm Alena.. remember me? Sorry for the haitus, it wasn't really intended, but blogging sort of took a back seat once my computer broke last year. After that, it's been sort of hard to get back into the groove. I haven't been writing much, period.

Anyway, onward and upward, shall we? Right then.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but this here is honestly the best damn burger I have ever eaten. It's so good that I am compelled to share the recipe with the world so that everyone else can savor the perfection that is the Alena Burger.

This delicious sandwich was born, purely by accident, one evening when Jen had a craving for a Whopper and my craving was for fresh, homemade french fries. We decided to compromise; we'd eat at home and I would do my very best to recreate the Whopper. While in the produce section, we both noticed ripe avocados and when I found out Jen had never had avocado on a burger, I quickly talked her into adding it to ours. Then we saw the sweet onion burgers and our mouths watered... but aside from that, the burgers were as close to a Whopper as I could get and boy was the outcome goooooood. We've had them several times since. :)

For one burger:

-- 1 Sweet Onions Bubba Burger
-- Pepperidge Farm sandwich bun*
-- 2 slices American cheese
-- 2 rings from a white or yellow onion slice
-- Romaine lettuce, burger-sized leaf or bag mix
-- 2 slices of a good, ripe tomato
-- Mayo
-- Ketchup
-- Half an avocado

Cook hamburger** and while that's cooking, lightly toast sandwich buns. Put one slice of cheese on bottom bun. Spread mayo, ketchup, and avocado on top bun. Place the lettuce on the top bun, then the tomatos and onion. When the burger is cooked, place it on the bottom bun and put the second slice of cheese on top. Put the whole thing together and enjoy!

* The Pepperidge Farm sandwich buns are bigger than your average skimpy burger bun, plus they're yummy.
** Using a George Foreman grill (highly recommended if you don't have one), the burgers take about 7 minutes to cook from frozen all the way through (well done). ~6 minutes for med. well and ~5 minutes for medium.