Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I have long known that PETA is a group of hypocritical blowhards, but it was rather disturbing to read through the above site, as well as their links to other information. I guess I hadn't realized just how horrific PETA is; mainly I believed that they were misguided and more than a little out there. My Conservation Biology professor told our class about how, one February, PETA activists broke into the Natural Resources College and took all of the turtles out of the terrarium. The PETA people left a note stating they were "liberating" the turtles, which they then "freed" into the Monongahela River. In February. Those poor turtles, going from a pretty easy life in a warm terrarium to freezing to death in a polluted river. Way to go, PETA.

I encourage you to read through the above site and see for yourself. If you are so moved, you can also sign a petition to have PETA's non-profit status removed.

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