Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I have long known that PETA is a group of hypocritical blowhards, but it was rather disturbing to read through the above site, as well as their links to other information. I guess I hadn't realized just how horrific PETA is; mainly I believed that they were misguided and more than a little out there. My Conservation Biology professor told our class about how, one February, PETA activists broke into the Natural Resources College and took all of the turtles out of the terrarium. The PETA people left a note stating they were "liberating" the turtles, which they then "freed" into the Monongahela River. In February. Those poor turtles, going from a pretty easy life in a warm terrarium to freezing to death in a polluted river. Way to go, PETA.

I encourage you to read through the above site and see for yourself. If you are so moved, you can also sign a petition to have PETA's non-profit status removed.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


So... it's been an eventful couple of weeks. Let me start off by saying that my last day at the Motown OG was two Sundays ago and it couldn't have come a minute sooner. Most of the people there were great and fun to work with and I'll definitely miss them. However, I will not miss the rest of my experience there.. the only words I can use to describe that restaurant are 'chaotic', 'hell', 'disorganized', and 'way too damn small'.

My last week there was particularly hellish; I was plagued with having the family table a lot and when I didn't have it, I was facing 45-60+ minute ticket times on my tables' meals. Add in a couple of shifts that started out on the totally wrong foot when my first few tables were exceedingly rude/demanding/annoying and/or something big went wrong because of the kitchen, plus the fact that my bag went missing from the break room one night, never to be seen again, and you'll see why I was dying to run out of that place and never look back.

I am just now recovering from some annoying bug that had me run down and feeling like poo for over a week, so dealing with all of the above really took an extra something out of me. I realize the restaurant is new, but that place is a gigantic circus. Not only that, but there are a couple of managers in particular that often act rude, condescending, or sometimes downright bitchy to the employees. I don't know if they're having high turnover because it's so stressful, I don't know if the pieces just aren't fitting well together yet, but wow, is it a gigantic mess!

As for my bag going missing, I'm still a little bit in shock and denial. I didn't have anything of monetary value in there, but not having my keys, card wallet (with my driver's license, etc.), and prescription sunglasses really screwed me. I definitely wouldn't leave money, my iPod, or anything of value sitting around where no one's watching, so I don't understand why anyone would steal it. On one hand, I don't know for certain it was stolen; if someone took it, they didn't try to use my check card or phone card. Nothing else in there was worth anything to anyone but me, which maybe is the most frustrating thing. Even more frustrating and upsetting to me is the idea that whoever took it ended up tossing it in a dumpster somewhere once they realized there was nothing good inside.

Anyway, Jen and I officially live together now. We haven't done much exploring yet, so I'm not sure what or how much the city has to offer, but it doesn't seem like a bad place to live. Our apartment complex is nice and quiet, a welcome change from the rambunctious party neighborhood I just left. The neighbors and people in this area generally seem very friendly and nice, which is also welcome. I thought people in WV were pretty friendly, but I dare say the people here are even more so.

Last but not least, I arrived just in time for the Pride festival! I've never heard of Pride in September, but they apparently hold it now because there's too much competition from other events during spring/summer. Jen and I live close to a Barnes & Noble, something of a treat for both of us because we both like to wander around, and during our visit last night, I met a really nice gay boy who worked there. I was trying to find The Advocate and he stopped what he was doing to help me, then we started chatting. He let me know about the Pride celebration this Sunday and, as luck would have it, I have Sunday off! Not only that, but I looked at the Pride website and almost couldn't believe it when I saw that Melissa Ferrick will be playing! I was excited enough by Pride alone, considering it's been ages since I last went (though I've wanted to), but to find out that after about five years of waiting to see her live, I get to see Melissa Ferrick twice in a year? Sweet!!