Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Spammers Take It Where It Hurts

A few weeks ago, I joined Blue Security, an Israel-based company bravely fighting on the front line of the spam war. If you're interested in both fighting spam and receiving less of it, go to their website and download the Blue Frog software, then register your email address(es). Blue Security will add it to its Do Not Intrude Registry and then automatically send opt-out messages to the spammers you report, as is your right under the Can-Spam Act.

Apparently, Blue Security and Blue Frog have been so successful that they are really pissing off the spammers. One in particular, the second biggest spammer in the world at 9% of all spam emails sent, has declared war on Blue Security and its users. Many of us received the following email:


You are recieving this email because you are a member of BlueSecurity (

You signed up because you were expecting to recieve a lesser amount of spam, unfortunately, due to the tactics used by BlueSecurity, you will end up recieving this message, or other nonsensical spams 20-40 times more than you would normally.

How do you make it stop?

Simple, in 48 hours, and every 48 hours thereafter, we will run our current list of BlueSecurity subscribers through BlueSecurity's database, if you arent there.. you wont get this again.

We have devised a method to retrieve your address from their database, so by signing up and remaining a BlueSecurity user not only are you opening yourself up for this, you are also potentially verifying your email address through them to even more spammers, and will end up getting up even more spam as an end-result.

By signing up for bluesecurity, you are doing the exact opposite of what you want, so delete your account, and you will stop recieving this.

Why are we doing this?

Its simple, we dont want to, but BlueSecurity is forcing us. We would much rather not waste our resources and send you these useless mails, but do not believe for one second that we will stop this tirade of emails if you choose to stay with BlueSecurity.

Just remember one thing when you read this, we didnt do this to you, BlueSecurity did.

If BlueSecurity decides to play fair, we will do the same.

We are quite sure you will think this will not continue, that we will not continue wasting our resources doing this, feel free to wait out the first 48, or the second, and see whether these stop, you will be quite suprised.

If you have another email under the protection of bluesecurity, and have not recieved this there, do not worry, you will soon enough.

We mightve had your email addresses before in our lists, but now, we are targetting YOU, because YOU are a bluesecurity user.

You might also notice, that the BlueSecurity site( is down..

Just remove yourself from BlueSecurity, and make it easier on you.

Nigel Montano

The tone is rather threatening, but I can't get over the author's righteous indignation. Kind of amusing and sad at the same time, yet also somewhat hopeful because it indicates we're winning. You can check out the blog entry in response to the spammer's attacks, including Denial of Service attacks on the Blue Security server (it's really not all that alarming). I encourage you to sign up, as well. The more people reporting spam means the more emails the spammers receive and, based on the above reaction, I'd say all we need to do is keep on fighting.

And I just want to know.. is spam email even lucrative? Who the hell actually buys stuff from spam solicitations?


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