Friday, April 07, 2006

Stupid Smart

My life at times is somewhat like a black comedy. You see, I very earnestly live my life and I try pretty hard to not do stupid things, yet somehow they always manage to sneak up on me anyway. It's only funny because the circumstances are often so sadly, stupidly, tragic. That or tragically stupid. As Karen Walker would say, "It's funny 'cause it's sad..."

Case in point as to what a cosmic joke my life can be despite my best efforts, let me tell you what Idiot Savant Alena did this evening. It all began when Rachael sent me an invitation to some social networking site. I was somewhat distracted, but started the registration anyway. Next thing I knew, I was presented with an option to import my Gmail contacts. Cool, I thought, and clicked on the button.

The next button was to import and invite my contacts. I only gave this a quick ponderance and, thinking of the people I email most, went ahead and clicked the button. The moment I saw the next screen and the reality of what I was seeing hit me, I was completely mortified. One of the Gmail's features that I have up until this point loved, is that it stores the information of everyone you have email contact with. Maybe you see where this is heading. Oh yes, not only did my dearest friends receive invitations, so did just about every single person I have ever emailed or received email from, including some of my professors and my advisor. I feel like a complete tool.

Fortunately, most of the recipients won't care or it won't matter, but then there's the fact that I just accidentally spammed a bunch of my profs, one of whom I anticipate will be highly annoyed. Plus the invitation includes my profile and probably my picture, so they know exactly which idiot I am. Heh.

If it's even possible, it gets worse. Included in that contact list were people I am no longer speaking to, for various reasons that make this whole thing just bad and really embarrassing. No, no.. I couldn't just do something stupid, I have to have all the humiliation and awkwardness in a huge pile on top of each other.

So, you see, I have this astounding gift of completely defying my intelligence in one second of brilliant stupidity. I mean, when I do stupid, I really do stupid. This is why I refute all suggestion toward any special intelligence on my part; obviously I do dumb very well, thank you.

Anyway, I sent an apology letter out, but the damage is done and I still feel really stupid about the whole thing. I just can't believe I did that!

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