Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Shower: Smurf Murder Scene

I had an interesting and pretty fun evening last night. It started off with my decision to dye my hair a crazy blue. The color is 'After Midnight Blue', which I'd hoped would be a really nice dark blue, but since my hair never takes the color it's supposed to, it's kind of like a vivid aquamarine.. looks blue in some lights, looks green in others. Even though this change would maybe seem surprising or out of character to the people I've met since leaving California, way back in the day, I used to frequently Manic Panic my hair some crazy color. I've always enjoyed it because it's one way to outspokenly embrace my differentness, but in recent years, I have always had a job with a dress code and it's been something I have been unable to do. It dawned on me yesterday that I have nothing preventing me from doing it now, so yeah, I have punk rock hair and it kinda rules.

After I dried my hair and surveyed the new 'do, I called Dan to see if he wanted to go out. Dan and I had gone to an awesome Natalia Zukerman concert at Weezie's, the lesbian bar, on Melissa's birthday and Dan really liked the bar and wanted to go back. It's a pretty chill place, as far as bars are concerned. Anyway, Dan and I headed to Weezie's and hung out for a while. One of the bartenders, Jeremy, is friends with Melissa and even though he wasn't supposed to be working, he was there. Jeremy's really fun and cool, so it was awesome to see him. Even though it was a Saturday night, there was no DJ and Jeremy was running around trying to do bar stuff and DJ at the same. I asked him to let me DJ and the next thing I knew, I was in the booth spinning CD's. w00t!

A table of older ladies sitting near the booth asked me what music there was "for old people". I laughed and handed them the binder of songs to browse, along with a pen and paper to write down what they wanted to hear. A few minutes later, they handed me their list with a $5 bill. Ha! I didn't even know people tip DJ's, but right on.. and then later after I'd played their songs, they asked me again, I handed them the binder, and got given their list with another fiver. Sweet! Even though I wasn't officially getting paid, that definitely was a nice gift towards my bar tab.

Dan switched early on from Bud Lite to very strong Long Islands ("We call 'em 'Strong Islands' around here!"), so toward the end of the night, he was pretty blitzed. At one point, I looked over to where he and Jeremy were sitting at the bar, only to discover that Dan was shirtless. That totally cracked me up, because it was like one minute he was wearing it, the next minute not. The funniest thing about it was maybe half an hour later, when Jeremy came over to us and told Dan he had to put his shirt back on because "the lesbians are complaining that it's a health code violation." omfglol. It's a fucking gay bar, for Pete's sake... what gay bar doesn't have shirtless men walking around??? That kills me.

Anyway, I DJed until closing and I had a really great time overall. Dan.. <3 you, big guy. ;)

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