Friday, February 24, 2006

To All the Smug Mac Idolaters Out There

I used to be a total Mac girl. Aside from my TRS-80, which I don't really count, the first computer I used was a Mac. I loved Macs and I stayed quite loyal to them for around 15 years, until I got fed up with Apple's pure money-grubbing. My family has owned about 5 Macs over the years, but I defected a few years ago and last year, I talked my mom into ditching the Mac platform altogether. I was originally frustrated with the lack of applets and software available for Macs, but eventually I lost almost all respect for the company that makes them. Apple used to be about the user and the user experience, it was a different company model and what they were doing was pretty cool. However, at some point, they became about how much money they could extract from their customers' wallets. Yes, I have an iPod, but I still dislike Apple quite a bit.

Anyway, every time I get into a Mac vs. PC debate, the Mac lover will invariably (and smugly) note that there are no Mac viruses. They explain that while we PC users are often barraged with worms, trojans, and suspicious attachments, the Mac users have a blissful, worry-free computer experience.

Well, not anymore...

Experts detect first Mac virus

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