Tuesday, November 22, 2005


For Martha...

Ten years ago

My mom and I had recently moved to Santa Cruz, CA (my birthplace and somewhere I had always desperately wanted to live). She and my step-dad were splitting up for good and she'd been offered a great job in SC, working for and with her best friend. We lived in a hotel and then her friend's studio cottage for a while, until our house was ready. I was in my first semester of college, my most inspired and brilliant semester to date -- I carried 18 units, including an intense 5-unit ecology class, plus I was in the college play and re-learning the flute. Even with all of that going on, I still managed to get a 3.6 GPA; my one and only semester on the Dean's List (thanks to the C I got in ceramics the next semester). Life was pretty good and now that I think about it, I kind of miss it. Also I want to know how the hell I did it.. can that Alena come back now, please?

Five years ago

See my previous post. Due to our landlord being a supreme jackass (and me being really broke), I was forced to move back to San Francisco. At this point five years ago, I had been living with Bill, my ex-step-father (i.e. the man who raised me) for a few months. I'd sort of dropped out of school due to lack of motivation and not knowing what I wanted to study. I half-assedly took a couple of classes at City College of SF and got a job as a nanny for two boys, 5 and 7. I also had been getting involved, long-distance, with She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named and we were discussing how to move forward. I think at this point, plans were made for me to quit my job and move to NC, so I was looking into how to make that happen. Actually, I just remembered.. She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named had come to visit for a week over Thanksgiving, we had a fight one night after I in particular drank way too much wine and got worked up over something, and she ended up changing her flight plans without my knowledge, while I was at school. The day before Thanksgiving, she told me she was flying home the next morning. We had to get up at 5am so I could drive her to the Oakland airport ON THANKSGIVING. It was fucked up. Red flag, I should have known, right?

One year ago

I was preparing for the next stage in my life: my move to Morgantown and starting university for the first time ever. I was extremely happy and excited to be getting out of Parkersburg, but I was also a little overwhelmed and freaked out. In addition, I was very sad to be leaving my only real friend in the state. Mikey had his plans to move to NYC, which left Angie here... only she's two hours away and I rarely get to see her anymore. However, I knew that I was finally on the right path again and quite glad to at last have some idea of what I'd like to do as a career.

Five yummy things

1. Coffee with just the right amount of strength, cream, and sugar. Add a piece or two of shortbread and I'm in heaven.
2. Cheesecake, particularly New York style.
3. Pizza from Milano's Pizzeria on 9th Ave. in SF. Best. Pizza. EVAR.
4. The super burrito with a spinach tortilla and fresh pico at Gordo's in SF. Like the Milano's pizza, I've yet to find a burrito anywhere that comes even close.
5. My mom's from-scratch pesto lasagna. Homemade pasta and pesto sauce with fresh mozzarella.. it's beyond good.

Five songs I know by heart
I know quite a few songs by heart, but the majority of them are folk songs that you've probably never heard of. Hey, I worked at a Renaissance faire for four years.. These are the first five I thought of.

1. Puff the Magic Dragon
2. Ren and Stimpy - "It's Log" (the commercial)
3. Red is the Rose (If you're a glutton for punishment, you can hear me sing the first verse here: this is an audio post - click to play)
4. Little Brown Dog (a.k.a. Sing Taddle-o-Day)
5. The Blacksmith

Five things I would do with a LOT of money

1. Move back to the west coast, including buying a comfortable house (3 BR, garage, washer/dryer, dishwasher, etc.).
2. Get all the electronics, gadgets, and technology that I am so desirous of. New, blazin' PC, entertainment center, a TV big enough to actually watch, a stereo that's not on its last leg, speakers in every room, etc. Drooooooool.
3. Invest/keep enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life without having to work. Without working, I would go to school and take classes on just about everything. For my own personal enjoyment. I like to dabble, so I'd take all sorts of weird stuff, I'm sure.
4. Most importantly, I think it's crucial for people who have a LOT of money to give back. To not do so is proof of the basest greed and selfishness. I honestly wish I had a ton of money just so I could find ways to make other people's lives better.. something as simple as hot meals and new clothes would make a world of difference to some. Either I would donate to existing charities or try to apply my money in ways I feel are lacking. There are a lot of worthy institutions that could greatly benefit from donations.. schools, to keep non-core programs that are being cut, such as art, music, and sports. Grants and scholarships to help people go to college. I would love to see schools opened in third-world countries and their orphaned children taken care of.. I really could go on.
5. I would travel... like.. everywhere.

Five things I would never wear
Not counting costumes, cause anything goes on Halloween..

1. Makeup. Seriously, I fuckin' hate it.
2. Ugg boots. They put the Ugg in FUGLY.
3. Platform anything.
4. Dresses.
5. Beige bras. They just scream 'grandma' to me.

Five favourite TV shows
In no particular order..

1. Lost
2. Desperate Housewives
3. Arrested Development
4. The L Word
5. Commander in Chief

Five things I enjoy doing

1. Listening to music
2. Being alone in nature
3. Sleeping
4. Photography
5. Traveling

Five people I want to inflict this on

Well, no one really, cause I think most of the people I read have no idea who I am.. but if anyone I know feels like filling this out, please email me or comment here to let me know you've done it. Rachael? Tory? Ernie? Mikey? Michelle?

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