Wednesday, October 26, 2005

24 Hours of No Power
(must be said in a Dr. Evil voice)

When I went to bed on Monday night, it was snowing peacefully. Who knows what the hell happened in the wee hours of the morning, but it was like a hurricane ripped through town. The great irony here is that I live a block from a power plant (which had electricity the entire time, natch), yet my neighborhood was one of a few that had no power for nearly 24 hours.

6:00 - I wake up, probably because of the quiet, and note that there's no electricity. My alarm was set to go off at 7:30, so I get up to get my watch and go back to sleep, hoping I can wake up in time to have coffee before class.

6:15 - I wake up again, and note that the power still isn't on. I go back to sleep.

6:30 - Still no power, I go back to sleep.

7:30 - No power, I go back to sleep.

8:00 - I wake up and decide that if the power doesn't come back on within the next hour, I'm not going to my first class. I have a wild hope that the university has no electricity, either. As I lie there, I thank my lucky stars that I have gas heating.

8:45 - Still no power.

10:00 - Surely the power should be coming on any time now, I think. I get up and make coffee, again thanking my lucky stars that I have a gas stove and water heater. Since I had to open the fridge, I begin putting perishables outside on my side porch. I read to kill time before my next class.

1:45 - The power is still off, but I'm bored, so I head to school. I'm rather shocked by all the downed tree limbs, some of which have fallen on top of cars. The branches and limbs are everywhere. It's like having slept through a hurricane, but surely I would have woken up to that kind of storm. It's also a little weird to see snow on trees that still have most of their leaves.

2:00 - It's snowing and it turns out we have a field trip, which I am not adequately dressed for. We go to the fishery and I fear I might lose five of my toes to frostbite. I totally would have worn wool socks and boots, had I known!

4:30 - I call the power company and report my outage.

4:40 - I come home and still no electricity. I read to kill time before my next class.

5:10 - I leave for my 2.5 hour math lab, thinking surely the power must be back on by the time I get home. Downtown has electricity.

7:20 - I'm praying to the electricity gods as I head home, but the utter blackness and ghost town quality of my neighborhood is rather disheartening. Damn it.

7:45 - I go to the grocery store for provisions (i.e. food I can cook in the oven), all the while debating whether I should head to Target to buy a phone that doesn't rely on electricity. Despite feeling rather isolated in my dark and lonely hermit shack without any outside contact, I tell myself that surely the power must return any time now and decide to forgo the phone purchase.

8:20 - I return home, light all the candles I own, heat the oven, and pop a pizza in. I realize what a sucky night this is to be all alone with nothing to do. It sort of feels like I'm camping because there's not much to do in the dark and it's making me want to go to bed early.

9:00 - I eat and consider taking a shower, but the thought of showering by candlelight only appeals to me minimally. I break out my book and read, all the while wondering how people managed without electricity in the olden days. I idly ponder purchasing a lantern.

10:00 - I keep waiting for the power to come back on any time now.

11:00 - I finish my book and decide it's as good a time as any to head to bed. The quietness is strange.

4:00 - I wake up and notice that my alarm clock is flashing.. HURRAY!!! O Electricity, how I love thee.

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