Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Math 4 Dummies

I'm selling a watch on eBay, in an auction that ends in about fifteen minutes. When I checked the listing today, I had three questions that needed to be answered. Here's my favorite:

Q: I'm having trouble figuring out how big 2.3cm is(I asked you about the face size). Most watch faces are described in mm, not cm. Roughly, can you take a ruler and lay it across the face of the watch and tell me how big it is? Thanks

Are you kidding me? Man, I thought my math skillz were bad. Someone obviously was passing notes on the day they covered the Metric System in class. However, I think it's funny, in my twisted sense of humor kinda way. I mean, she'd have me pull out my ruler again and go through all of the measuring that I've done about twenty times before, when it took me two seconds to reply:

A: 2.3cm = 23mm

If I had categories, this one would be filed under Smartass.

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