Monday, July 18, 2005

Hi, I'm Back...

Helllooooo... anyone still lingering about this place? Yikes.. sorry to abandon the blog, but as it turns out, I sort of needed a break. It was a while in coming (if you hadn't noticed my increased negativity and bitterness, or lack of enthusiasm for posting). I had a good time on my trip, which included a trip to Scotland, and I've discovered it was good to get out of WV and detox from my life. I feel more centered and focused, and revved up to do better next semester. In addition, I spoke to my CS teacher about my C, and after resending him work, he upped me to a B-. Not fab, but at least it's not a C! I also got a notice stating I'm getting a Higher Education Grant from the state for next semester, a nice surprise that will really come in handy.

Monterosso in May was absolutely beautiful... Scotland's beauty just blew me away. I have hundreds of photos I'm gradually getting uploaded to Flickr. I met a couple from Berkeley, Kay and Sean, at one of my mom's dinners and we ended up taking the ferry boat over to Portovenere and having a really lovely day there exploring the medieval sea fortress and village surrounding the port. We ended up hanging out later that evening and having a couple of drinks at Fast, which was the only bar open, crammed full of people and obnoxiously loud.

My sister is really cute as hell and has quite the personality. It took a little while for her to warm up to me, but we definitely bonded on this trip. Before she graduated from preschool to first grade, I went with her on a class trip to Groparello, a castle in Piacenza. We spent four hours each way to go in a coach bus, out of Liguria into Tuscany. Actually, Groparello was more than just a castle, it was an all-day adventure orgy for the kids. There were costumed characters everywhere that interacted with them and took the kids around the grounds. At one point, the kids even got their own tunics, belt, sheath, and sword. After they were knighted, the parents -- "peasants" -- were told to walk well behind the kids.

Scotland was beautiful beyond words, and pictures don't do it justice. Everywhere we went looked different, but equally as beautiful. I loved Skye... we pony trekked a couple of times, the first being my sister's first time ever on a horse. She'd ridden in a kayak with me, so I explained to her the principle of horse riding is similar -- balance in the middle, move with it easy, and don't lean too far side to side. She ended up being brilliant on the pony and impressed everyone... never even came close to falling off, and was completely comfortable in the saddle. The second time, she even trotted by herself! She's a natural and totally in love with horses, especially her Welsh pony, Megan. I got to ride a Highland pony, as well as an Icelandic pony which is a unique breed with a fifth gait, the tolt, a running walk. Even better, I got to experience it; the Icelandic switched from a canter to a tolt during one run on the trail, and it was pretty cool.

I got to hang out with my Italian friend, Miki. I hung out with old friends and got to know them better. I met many cool people and got to hang out with some new friends, two of which were at the chaos that was my step-father Angelo's 50th birthday party. It was an American-style barbecue with American ingredients culled from the army base in Pisa: hot wings, chili and corn muffins, ribs, and steak... not to mention lots of sangria, prosecco, and wine. I was pretty toasted when the gypsy band showed up to play a set of swing music for the party. Just about everyone busted out and danced.. it was crazy. I snuck off with a new friend, Kate's cousin, Julie. We were in the middle of a deep conversation and everyone kept interrupting us to say we should stop being antisocial -- so we walked to the very back of the first level of the orto and sat down. We had just gotten into our conversation again, when my mom comes up and suggests taking a ladder to climb up (and essentially, over) the wall into the neighbor's orto to get the ripe cherries. She got Anne, Julie's friend, into cherry-stealing and not long after that, a crowd had gathered with everyone in a cherry-stealing frenzy. Julie and I had to walk away again. Heheh. :P

In Edinburgh, I went on a Ghost Hunter Trail tour with Mercat tours. It needs some polishing, but you can read my account here. And lastly, because this is turning out jumbled and rambly, I have to comment on the astonishingly large number of lesbians I saw in Italy (particularly in the Cinque Terre) this year. In fact, I saw so many that I even named this "The Year of the Lesbian". Most were in couples, only reinforcing that my lezdar is improving.. but the single ones generally paid me no mind. Story of my life. There were two slight exceptions, but nothing noteworthy. But really, tons of lesbians! Like, usually I'll go an entire visit and not see one, but I saw them everywhere!

More later, when I'm more awake..

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