Friday, May 13, 2005


Hello, hello, hello. Lest you think I have abandoned this here blog, here I am. Posting, even!

I apologize to my faithful readers, but you know how it goes. Every now and then, particularly after you've been blogging for a while, life just sort of takes over and you find it takes way more effort and energy to blog about things than you posess.

Basically, school and life were a little overwhelming for a while and I just didn't feel like blogging. A break sounded good. And so, without much fanfare or explanation, I took one.

Anyway, I'm not exactly back yet, mainly due to the fact that I have no internet at home. All my wireless access points have packed up and left town for the summer. As I'm leaving for Italy on Monday, I decided that no matter how much I'm jonesing, I would have to wait until I get back to remedy the situation. And actually, it's not been too terrible. I've been using the free time to organize and clean my apartment, which has honestly been quite overdue. It's nice to be doing something about the cluttered pigsty I call my humble abode. Whether I'll be finished by the time I leave remains to be seen, but it's a dramatic start. And if I could remember the damn vacuum cleaner bags, it'd help.

So, my dear readers... I don't want to say I'm back, but I have a feeling I'll need some sort of outlet when I'm face-to-face with the close-quartered parental insanity FOR TWO FRIPPIN' MONTHS OMG.



AND...... guess who has a coffee date this weekend with her crush-a-licious lab teacher??

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