Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ciao and All That

So... I arrived safely and have been here for a week now. My flights were a hundred times better than usual -- this time I flew U.S. Airways instead of Alitalia -- so everything went pretty fast and smoothly. I always forget just how busy I usually am when I'm here, with no nice chunks of time to sit and surf or blog. This visit, my mom has a list of things she wants me to do, beginning with setting up her Bose Lifestyle 48 system and teaching her how to use the new digital camera (Nikon S70) I picked out for her. I've taken some really lovely pictures with the latter that I can't wait to upload.

I also bought her a new computer, a PC instead of the hateful old iMac she has now, which is on its way now and should hopefully arrive any day. In addition to this, I finally got her to sign up for DSL instead of dialup, but it will probably be a few weeks before we actually get it. The Italians really like to take their time with things, all the red tape and crap, so that's honestly the company's time quote for getting DSL set up here. So different from the U.S.! Anyway, when the new PC and DSL is set up, I'm hoping it will be easier to steal half an hour here and there to get online.

Right before I left, my mom bought me a 4 GB iPod mini for quitting smoking - w00t! I chose blue, and I'm really loving it. And something I'm so entirely excited about is my mom, little sister, and I are going to Scotland for six days mid-June! This is a trip she and I have talked about forever, considering we are mostly Scottish... her grandmother was born in Glasgow, and I know I'm at least 3/4 Scottish, on both sides of the family. I've always wanted to go because I feel like it's my homeland, full of my heritage and people who look like me. I can't wait!! We're still figuring out what we want to do when we go, but my mom has declared she wants to stay in style, so I think we'll be staying at castles and such.

I got my grades, which were impressive and wholly unimpressive at the same time. Somehow I managed an A in Plant and Soil Science, which blows my mind. I got a B in Conservation Biology (not bad for not studying), a C in Intro to Wildlife Management (better than the D or less I feared), and a C in Computer Science. The last, I wrote the teacher about because it makes no sense. I had all 90's and above on my homework and papers, got an A on one test, a B on another.. I know I didn't do well on the last test, but come on. Anyway, he says I'm missing an assignment and a paper, which I doubt, but not only am I in another country, I threw away all my school papers and crap in a huge, obsessive bout of cleaning before I left. I'm trying to resolve this because frankly it rather pisses me off.

Lastly, the date with my teacher got postponed until I get back.. We were communicating via email, and because I'm socially challenged when it comes to girls, I didn't think to give her my number right away. Anyway, she has a lot going on and the week after I asked her and she said yes, she was out of town on vacation. She had no internet and said she would get in contact with me on the Friday before I left. Friday came, and nothing. I had started cleaning when I got back from Angie's, and of course I wanted to stick around my house to be there if the phone rang, so I organized and cleaned the hell out of my place (finally). Saturday, nothing. Sunday, nothing. At that point, I was confused and highly disappointed. I figured something must have come up because she wouldn't have said yes if she didn't want to go. She did call Monday morning and all was cleared up, and I have a raincheck for when I get back. Now I get to dream and fantasize for two more months. ;)

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