Thursday, April 14, 2005

Straight Pride

I think we celebrate it a little early, but this week is Gay Pride for us folks at WVU. The school paper, The DA, has been covering the activities of the gay club to celebrate Pride, including a photo in today's paper of the Drag Bingo that happened a night or two ago. The drag queens looked really gorgeous, I have to mention -- light years away from the Pburg ones.

Anyhow, these two beef-witted Beavis and Butthead wannabes sit in front of me in my last class on Thursdays, Intro to Wildlife Management, making a painfully boring class at the end of a long-ass day even worse. These guys annoy me pretty much every class, for various reasons, and I spend a fair amount of time wanting to smack one, the other, or both, in the back of the head.

I sat down this afternoon, got settled in, and waited for class to start. I wasn't paying attention to much of anything, until I heard the teacher say something chiding to Beavis, that was along the lines of, "I don't think that's politically correct.." in a voice that made it clear he was uncomfortable with Beavis' comment. I didn't hear the original comment, but the teacher's tone and words caught my attention. I looked up and noticed that Beavis and Butthead had a DA open between them and were looking at the Drag Bingo photo on the front page. They may have been sniggering a little. Then, in response to the teacher's reply, Beavis looked back up at him and said, "Seriously, though. Come on, man. What about straight pride?"

That was when I leaned forward between B&B and said with just the right amount of snark and attitude, "No.. that's every other week of the year."

I apparently caught him off-guard, and rather than reply, he half-turned and shot me a surprised look. He spent the next few minutes casting appraising looks at me out of the corner of his eye, trying to be slick about checking me out, I suppose, and failing utterly. I figure he was trying to size me up and figure out whether he should be worried about having an angry homo behind him.

Straight pride.. please.. especially coming from a couple of white males who obviously have very little personal experience being on the receiving end of discrimination. I wanted to lean forward again and ask him if he'd insist on a white pride month in response to Black History Month. And really, these boys -- and the chunk of the straight population that shares this mentality -- they ain't got much to be proud of. Hmmmm?

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