Thursday, April 07, 2005

Dear Mr. Coffee,

Every time I use this product, I become so incredibly livid. I can't believe that you would manufacture and then sell this faulty coffeemaker - for $40, no less! This is my second ISX23, which I obtained by returning the first to the store. To my absolute disbelief, both coffeemakers had exactly the same problem. I say disbelief because I truly cannot believe that a brand I trusted would put out a model of coffeemaker that didn't work well, and expect people to pay that much money for it.

Both coffeemakers worked fairly well the first few brews. The water does not heat up sufficiently during the brew cycle, so that, if pouring coffee directly after the cycle ends, heating in the microwave is necessary. This I could live with, if everything else functioned well. The other major problem is that the coffee that is supposed to be dripping into the carafe spills ALL OVER EVERYTHING. I have watched to find out exactly what is going on, and what happens is when the drip stream gets weak, it completely misses the carafe and drips over the side. Actually, even when the stream is strong, it is somewhat far away from the hole in the top of the carafe. I have tried placing the coffeemaker on different surfaces, even using a level to find the most level counter in the kitchen. It makes absolutely no difference; the coffeemaker drips all over, no matter what.

The result is that every day now when I get up, I have a huge mess in my kitchen. Coffee all over the counter and floor, burning coffee on the plate of the coffeemaker. Sometimes stuffing a folded-up paper towel underneath the carafe can help keep the stream at the top of the carafe, but lately, even that doesn't help.

I moved at the end of December and lost my receipt for this product, so I have been trying to suffer through the ownership of this coffeemaker. As it stands now, with every morning this week beginning by my walking into the kitchen to find coffee all over the place, I will be returning the coffeemaker to the store without a receipt. I can't stand it any longer. And, due to my anger and frustration levels at this point, if I can help it, I will not be buying any more Mr. Coffee products.

I did want you people to know how incredibly angry I am at the knowledge that you put out, and charge quite a bit for, one of the worst coffeemakers known to man. I could spend a bit more and get a Cuisinart coffeemaker that I at least have complete confidence will work, not make a mess, and actually produce hot coffee (imagine that). I truly did want to continue trusting your company, in that I believed the first coffeemaker was just a fluke. I couldn't believe they both turned out to be exactly the same in terms of their dysfunction. I want to know how and why someone approved that they be put on the market! In any case, this product's serious problems need to be addressed.

-- Me

(--> Don't buy this thing, please.. save yourself a hell of a lot of headaches and paper towels. The fact that the first feature on the product page has 'complement' misspelled should tell you something. <--)

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