Thursday, March 10, 2005

Week of Hell

Thank God it's almost over. Three tests in one week. One more class and Spring Break will be mine!

This semester sucks monkey balls. Seriously. It's awful. The good news is I'm doing fairly well in half of my classes, Plant and Soil Science and Conservation Biology. We had an exam in the latter on Tuesday, and I somehow managed to get 86% on it. w00t! Yeah, it's not an A, but I'm a lazy bastard and being rather content this semester with my B's.

Things took a turn for the worse today. First of all, I received a $10 parking ticket at school after they randomly, and without much fanfare, changed part of the paid lot into a decal lot. I failed to notice, parked where I usually do, paid for my hour and a half, and went to class. I was so confused when I got to my car and found the ticket, and it took me several minutes of indignation to finally realize what they'd done. Fuckers. GRRRR.

I had two more tests this afternoon. One in CS, which I completely bombed. This exam was about a hundred times more difficult than the last one, and because I hadn't taken it upon myself to memorize the intricacies of SQL or Access relationships, I was forced to leave two full pages blank, costing me 20 points. I tried to ask the teacher for clarification on the relationship questions, but he seems to hate me at this point, so his response was to take a few steps backward, throw up his hands and state in a pissy tone, "You should know this. There's three types of relationships. We talked about this in class."

I had absolutely no clue, so I resignedly flipped the page and went on. He then proceeded to continue to ride my ass, saying it was my fault, I shouldn't skip class, blah blah blah. I was, and still am, so exhausted and cranky, he irritated the hell out of me. I just rolled my eyes and muttered something under my breath. I wanted to ask, "So, is it my fault none of us understand you, and you don't understand us?"

Of course when Jamie asks him questions, he's super-nice. He likes her. She told me later that he'd pretty much given her the answers to that question, which irritated me even more. But whatever. I so don't even care about that stupid class. It's bullshit, for one, even if I do go on to use any of that, there's no way I'll need to know SQL or Access relationships or the differences between a hand-held PC/Pocket PC/Personal PC by heart going into it. If I use it, I'll learn it. This is just so dumb and not even worth my time at all.

Lastly, I had a midterm in Introduction to Wildlife and Fisheries Resources. I dislike this class most of the time because it's total fluff and really pointless. I missed one assignment worth 75 points (a lot) because I didn't even know it was due and when I found out, it was too late. My fault. This midterm, though.. I don't get it. The first section was pretty easy, multiple choice was actually kind of hard, but I guessed on most of them, and then the last section involved mix-and-match between 15 or so species and their Latin names. The worst part is that the instructors picked 15 of the most difficult names, meaning the ones that aren't descriptive at all. If you know a little Latin or a Latin language, you can often connect a name to a species because Latin names tend to be somewhat descriptive. Okay, first I want to know why this fluff class is requiring I know the Latin names for about 30 species in the first place. My hardest class, Plant and Soil Sciences, only requires that I know five. The IWMAN class is a stupid freshman-level class. Ugh. I knew about five on the list, the rest I sat and did eeny-meeny-miney-mo until all the letters were used up.

I can't believe I'm paying for this stupid torture. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??

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