Saturday, March 05, 2005

Secret Single Behavior

I was introduced to Sex and the City after the last episode aired, but what a great show. If you're a SatC lover, you probably know what I mean when I say 'Secret Single Behavior'. If not, here's a definition for you:

Secret single behavior: Quirky behaviors that we develop when we're on our own that we may be uncomfortable telling our partners about. (Example: eating peas out of a can or watching hours of the Home Shopping Network.)
(Albuquerque Tribune Online)

Carrie continues to bitch and moan about how she misses walking into her apartment when no one is there and it's all quiet. Now, how long do you think it's been since they moved in? Not long, maybe a week and she's already freaking out. She misses her "S.S.B." or secret single behavior. Things like standing up in the kitchen eating a stack of saltines with jelly on them whilst reading a fashion mag. She could NEVER do that in front of a guy. Big fucking deal! Charlotte's S.S.B. is to stare at her pores into a high powered mirror for an hour every night. Miranda's is to slather her hands with vaseline, slip them into gloves and watch infomercials. There isn't one damn thing that Samantha wouldn't do in front of a guy and Miranda believes her.

When I watched this episode, I asked myself what my SSB is. There's really only one thing I wouldn't do in front of a girl, something I recently alluded to: I dance. I don't know what it is, but I can only dance when I'm alone in my apartment with nary a soul around to see me. That's not to say I'm ever a good dancer, especially when I'm on a dance floor with the possibility of people watching, but when I'm by myself, I let loose like nobody's business.

We're talking full-body dancing, gyration, arm movement, and booty-shaking. I like doing it by myself because I can move however I want without worrying about someone thinking I look like a mental hospital escapee. In fact, I probably look a lot like this guy, although I have a feeling he's a better dancer than I am.

What's your SSB?

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