Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I R Sooper Smartt!!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG, I am so happy! Guess why! No, I didn't get laid, but good guess. Okay, are you sitting down? I got an A on my Plant and Soil Science midterm. AN A!! A! I totally want to write that in the biggest font possible.

I totally did not expect this. In fact, even though I thought I did okay on the test, I had had that feeling after the first one and was so crushed to discover how wrong I was. I was not about to let my hopes up again, so I figured, at best, I'd gotten a B. Getting an A had never even entered my thoughts, people!

When I got my test back and saw the grade, my jaw literally dropped. Shocked, I did this weird slide over to Robin and showed her. Then I actually did a little dance in the middle of class. Thankfully, the teacher had given back the tests in reverse alphabetical order, so there weren't many people left in the room to see it. I totally did a happy dance and Robin laughed at me. But OMG, you totally would dance, too! I got home to pore over the test and did another, bigger dance in my living room. And, like, every half an hour, I remember that I got an A on my midterm and I have to say something self-congratulatory out loud. HAHAHAHAAAAAAA I AM CRAZY!

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