Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Hello World!

Yes, I'm learning Visual Basic, how great is that? We'll use the term "learning" loosely. Yesterday we were instructed how to do the "Hello World textbook example of Visual Basic programming". Only instead of doing as instructed, I made my command button say 'Poop' and when you clicked the button, the message said 'This class sucks!' Hahaha. I r such a rebel.

Maybe, just maybe, I am on the road to fixing my wi-fi problem. After countless hours of screwing with it to no avail, I finally decided to start from the bottom up. I uninstalled everything again, shut down, cracked open the case, removed the adapter, reinstalled the software, shut down, and reinstalled the card. More APs showed up, and I was actually able to connect to one or two of them. The thing is that things don't seem exactly as they were, and I'm wondering just how badly things got messed up. I had a Blue Screen of Death that named my wi-fi software/adapter, so I figure something got screwy. Anyway, things seem to be improving in that department.. At this rate, I may have full access to the internets in about a year. Just keep checking in.

I am on my second day of quitting smoking, cold turkey. In my experience, having quit once before, Day 2 is the most difficult. I am super-jonesing and for the past few hours, I have been this close to walking a block to the gas station to buy a pack of cigarettes. The only thing stopping me is not wanting to go through this again. I certainly want to smoke more than I want to quit right now, but I know I'll have to start all over and experience another Day 2. Kids, don't smoke... it's so not worth it. Gaaaaaargh.

Lastly, some interesting news. My mom, at least until she moved to Italy, was an amazing saleswoman. In the early 90's, she started working at this tiny little start-up natural cosmetics company in San Francisco, which eventually grew into a pretty large, respectable business. Actually, it appears to be making quite a name for itself, and maybe you've heard of Zia? When my mom was at her peak for Zia Cosmetics (what it used to be called), she actually made more money than the owner of the company. I don't want to say she single-handedly built the company, but it was close... her ideas and salesmanship brought in a lot of business and made them a lot of money. Eventually, the owner came to dislike the fact that she was making less money than my mom, there were some disagreements, and my mom left the company. However, my mom has held a fairly large chunk of stock in this company and remained friends with the guy who currently runs it. He's been trying to sell the company, and came really close once or twice, but it hasn't worked out. My mom's been waiting for it to sell so she can cash in on her stock, which, depending on how much the company goes for, could be worth something like $750,000 to a million. Not bad, eh?

So I got an email from my mom today saying the company is being bought, and the sale will probably go through this week. She said the price isn't as much as the last time it was close to selling (but fell through), but she did mention that she and her husband, Angelo, decided that when they get the money, one of the things they wanted to do was pay my rent. This could be just for the summer while I go visit them, but I have a feeling they mean in general. Anyway, my mom apparently was looking at real estate online, and forwarded me a couple houses in Morgantown. A couple of years ago, we'd talked about the possibility of her helping me buy a house when the stock money came in.. while I can't say I forgot, exactly, I didn't really expect it. I will be here for another few years, and houses are relatively cheap, compared to other cities.

As I said, just interesting. She hasn't actually written or talked about this, so we'll see what she has to say.

This post is probably all rambly and crap because I can't stop thinking about cigarettes. I need help!!!!

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