Friday, March 25, 2005

By the Way, I Go to School With a Bunch of Fucking Idiots

Students set more than 50 fires to celebrate WVU victory
(note the picture.. I live in Sunnyside)

I knew there was a huge men's basketball game last night between WVU and Texas Tech, so when I heard what sounded like a hundred people screaming their lungs out at around midnight, I pretty much figured we won. Despite the fact that I pay little attention to sports and don't feel much in the way school pride or allegiance, I'd been rooting for WVU because they hadn't had a win like this in ages, so I thought that was cool. Only the screaming persisted for like an hour, there were all sorts of sirens blaring as cops and fire trucks blazed by on the main street a block away. I kept thinking, Good Lord, what the hell is going on??

West Virginia University on Friday condemned students and fans who celebrated the WVU men's basketball team's victory in the NCAA regional semifinal by setting about 50 street fires, forcing police to use Mace to control crowds ... Setting street fires to celebrate sports victories has been a tradition at WVU for at least 30 years, Trevillian said.

Maybe it's me, but I don't really get the tradition of arson to celebrate sports victories.

I think the best part of the article is this:

Some students said they don't see anything wrong with setting celebratory fires. "We know how to have fun, and we do it in a responsible way," a student who said his name was Jeff Goodboy told WBOY-TV.

Cause, if you read the entire article, you would note just how "fun" and "responsible" the kids were last night.

Lt. Bill Trevillian of the Morgantown Fire Department said street fires were set downtown and in at least three student residential areas. The fires burned trash, couches, one vehicle, "anything that would burn basically," Trevillian said.

Several cars were overturned and several police cruisers were damaged by thrown items, the Morgantown Police Department said Friday in a news release.

No one was seriously injured, although several firefighters were hit by bottles or cans, Trevillian said.

A couch was thrown off a balcony and hit someone. Police had to use Mace to control large crowds downtown, The Dominion Post of Morgantown reported in Friday's editions.

Fun and responsible? Maybe I'm old, but that just sounds like a dangerous, scary riot.

You see the kind of straight-up morons I have to deal with on a daily basis?

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