Thursday, March 24, 2005

Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

I feel like all I do these days is take tests and freak out for a week beforehand. Said freaking out doesn't include any actual studying, just so we're clear. Anyway, I had a Plant and Soil Science exam first thing this morning, which is always pleasant.. you know, trying to be articulate due to your overly picky professor and you know your brain won't actually wake up for another hour or so. This test was on plant hormones and photosynthesis, and I feel like I did okay, but not great. The short-answer portion of the test was a breeze, but the other three essay sections were somewhat difficult.

Even though the class is only an hour and a half long, it took me nearly two hours to finish, what with trying to come up with enough answers to complete the test. He breaks the test up into different sections of questions with different point value, and usually we can pick a specified number out of a list. Unfortunately, we had two eight-point questions that were required, so I spent a fair amount of time racking my brain trying to remember anything related to photosynthesis in C3 plants. The eight-pointers are the big questions, and the professor expects verbosity in our essays. Unfortunately, while I understand photosynthesis, I couldn't really explain or remember every damn detail. When I realized I'd used up an hour and still had a hell of a lot of essay questions left, I wrote down what I knew and moved on. I ended up being the second to last person to finish. And while I really enjoy that extra special quality time with my lab teacher I lust for, taking that long makes me feel a little slow and dumb. However, it took me longer than the class time on my midterm and I got an A, so who really knows. Plus, I may have gotten the six-point bonus question.

I got my pre-break tests back, and I was a little surprised to find I'd gotten 80 on my CS test. I've never understood the logistics of grading on a curve and what that means, but because the professor did, I got an extra four points that put me right at the B line. Hahahaha! I so totally didn't fail it, and that was a nice surprise. However, the Intro to Wildlife Management test, OMG, I bombed. I got PWNED! I think I got the lowest score of anyone in the class -- everyone was discussing with each other what their scores were, the worst were "I missed 26", "I missed 24", which is so nothing because I missed 44. God, I suck. I can't even remember the last time I got a D on something. Criminy.. and the great irony is this should be an easy class and it's really such bullshit. Kind of like the C I got in Ceramics that dropped me off the Dean's list. Anyway, I am doing so terribly in that class, you have no idea. I missed an assignment that was worth a ton of points, I practically failed the exam, and I've not taken any steps toward completing the out-of-class requirements. Phthththbbbbbb...

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