Saturday, February 19, 2005

Quasi-Daily Photo + Crazy Story

Daily Photo: Bang!

Here I thought I was living in a quaint college town, but apparently I am living in the ghetto. Angie came up to visit me yesterday, and after coming back to my place after dinner and meeting her first girlfriend, someone she hadn't seen in about ten years, we were just hanging out and listening to music.

We'd been back about twenty minutes when we heard a pop outside, which neither of us thought much about, because the stupid college kids in my neighborhood do dumb things while drinking like set off firecrackers. They also yell and scream a lot, which is important to note, because after two more pops very close to the house, we heard shrieking outside.

At first Angie thought someone was hurting a dog because it sounded sort of like an animal in pain, and I think a dog had barked during the loud bangs, so I turned down the music to listen. It wasn't an animal, it was a girl screaming and shrieking hysterically while running up the street to the house next door. There's an empty lot with a bonfire pit between our two houses, so I had assumed the kids were out there setting off firecrackers. The pops sounded very close by.

Angie pulled the curtains back to peek outside and watched the hysterical girl run up to the house. Whatever was going on did NOT seem normal. Shortly thereafter, two cop cars showed up and the police began questioning the kids next door. The cops looked up and saw us peeking out of the windows, and immediately came walking toward our building.

Folks, there was a shooting OUTSIDE MY HOUSE. Not down the street, not on my block, literally outside my house. I am so not kidding. My upstairs neighbors found this bullet casing in the dirt in front of our front porch, along with some traces of blood.

The guys upstairs said some people were fighting right outside, and then one of them apparently pulled the gun. The blood could have been from the fight, who knows. But the cops came to my door, then came inside to question us. We explained what we knew, which was very little, and then they said, "Well, thanks. If it turns out someone was killed, we'll be back."


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