Friday, February 18, 2005


Well, things are both good and bad. I'm currently experiencing what I assume to be my monthly PMS-induced bout of depression, so it's been rather difficult to find the energy or desire to do things I should, such as post.

I had tests in two of my other classes last week, and the good news is that I made better than C's on both of them. Halelujah! I actually got an A on my Computer Sciences test, despite not studying and sort of bullshitting my way through the test, but it was all on operating systems and HTML, so no biggie. I kind of know that stuff anyway. My Conservation Biology test made my week. When I first got it back, I'd made 79.2% on it. I knew enough on the test to pass, but I was disturbed by the other stuff on there that I didn't know. I re-copied my notes the night before, and I have no idea where some of the questions came from. Totally don't know where or when we covered that stuff, but I've been lazy and not doing all the readings, so I figure that's probably it. I was a little bummed that if I'd only gotten one more question right, I'd have pulled a B. Then I looked over the test, and one question, which I didn't remember covering but remembered the answer from my Ecology class 800 years ago, I was a little bugged because I'd been so sure I'd gotten it right. It had to do with the scientific term for cold-blooded animals. The supposed correct answer just seemed wrong to me, but the professor said we could come to his office for any Scantron mistakes and get them fixed. So I went to the computer lab, Googled the term I'd marked as the answer, and guess what? I was right! I practically skipped to his office, and there were about 20 other people waiting for test corrections. As he walked by, he greeted us with, "Holy shit! Well, afternoon, all you ectotherms!"

So somehow, by the grace of God, I got that one question corrected and managed to get a B on the test. w00t! Additionally, the girl who sits next to me in CS happened to have taken my Plant and Soil Science class with the same professor last semester, and she lent me her corrected tests, quizzes, slide drawings, and crop growth notebook. I nearly peed my pants with happiness, you have no idea. I know Robin will be bouncing off the walls with glee, as well.

I started therapy again, free through the university, a couple weeks ago. I've felt it was time to talk to someone again, and start working through the personal shit that bugs the hell out of me. As in, my personality flaws that I hate and have no idea how to change. I think this will be good, not only in having an outlet to sit and cry somewhere once a week, but also to help me work on some issues, such as my low self-esteem and being so self-absorbed.

I got some prints that were on sale from, including 'The Kiss', which I've wanted for over a year. And it was on sale! Plus, I found a Happy Bunny t-shirt with my most favoritest saying.. "it worries me how dumb you are." Haha. Now I just need the "skool makes you sooper smartt" shirt, so I can wear it to my Plant and Soil Science class. Stab, kill, maim! Skool! Aaargh!

So all of that is good. I still am really hating this semester and find it very difficult to do work at the level that I should. It's part lack of interest, part lack of motivation, part frustration. I just want this damn semester over with. I hate almost all of my classes, which is so disappointing to me, especially since the one class I was most looking forward to has turned out to be TEH WORST CLASS EVAR. Plus, I think I will have to get a job, because I may be able to scrape by, but it's going to be super-tight.

The L Word starts up again on Sunday, yay! Other shows I've been really enjoying are Lost, Medium, The Apprentice, and Committed. If you've seen Committed, you know about Nate and his piles of legal pads. It occurred to me the other day that I'm sort of Nate in a way. I have about 10 different notebooks, all randomly filled with thoughts, mix lists, directions, doodling, etc. It strikes me as sad-amusing, because I can never manage to organize them, like one for mixes, one for goals/thoughts, yadda, because when I have to write something down, I tend to just grab whatever is closest. The life of a disorganized mind, I suppose.

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