Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Aaahh, Confusion..

My Computer Science class has lost me. We're at a point now where I don't really understand a damn thing. Asking the teacher to explain is pointless, because his explanations have little to do with the actual thing you're asking about. He likes to do this circular-talk of discussing all around what you're asking, such as the various steps to get there, and never, ever touches on what you need to know. His handouts aren't much better, either. He'll lay out steps you need to take to do lab work or a certain project, and miss some really important information in between. So it feels like you go from A to B to C to M. And you're like, Huzzawha??

We're doing databases in MS Access and learning some SQL. Today in class, I was just so lost. And then, at the end, he kept saying, "Aleeena, if you have question, you just ask, huh. Okay? You ask if there anything you don't understand, huh." My internal reaction to that was somewhat like if he'd told me I could strip naked, spread orange paint over my body, and run through the parking lot: "Uh huh." and "Yeah, right." I may be better off trying to find tutorials on the web and learning that way. God.

The highlight of today's class was the dirty hippie who sat next to me the entire time, even though he's not even in our class. He was just some random dude that decided he'd sit there, despite the teacher obviously being pissed about it, and do his homework. He wore headphones and was listening to his CD player while doing something with a nutrition program. He was so gross and he smelled. I have nothing against hippies, but dirty people are disgusting. He looked like he just emerged from his non-electricity-or-running-water cabin on a mountain somewhere. Hairy as hell, bushy beard, stringy hair; all of which was greasy. I felt like recommending a shower and a bar of soap. He's probably one of those hippies that doesn't use soap (if you've never lived in California, such people do exist) because of the environment -- nevermind that soap is biodegradable and SHOULD BE USED. Don't try to hide behind the environment because you enjoy being filthy and disgusting. Showering in his condition, the water would roll right off due to the protective coating of oil he had built up. Fucking gross.

At the halfway point in class, some chick walks in, crosses in front of the teacher, and stands in front of Dirty Hippie. She hands him some folders, and the teacher is like, "WTF? There is class in here right now." So Dirty Hippie proceeds to apologize, but makes no move to exit, much to my olfactory dismay. I couldn't believe this guy.

So glad to finally run out of there when it was over. I still have hippie stench lingering in my nostrils. I think maybe I need a shower just for sitting next to him. Ugh.

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