Friday, January 21, 2005

Stereo Wars: UPDATE!!

Three times today I was THIS close to Audioblogging the immense noise coming from above, but both times, I was foiled by the stereo being turned down before I could get the number completely dialed. It's like they knew somehow. I also stole their favorite parking spot right in front of the house, when I craftily turned my lights off and watched them pull away. I'm an evil bitch.. I know I mentioned that.

In a completely unforeseen move, Upstairs came downstairs a few minutes ago and knocked on my door. We'd been out-blasting each other since yesterday, and I wondered how much longer this could continue. I had also been wondering if anyone would come down to talk to me, so when I got the knock, I was incredibly curious.

Jeremi was actually very mature and nice, he apologized for all the noise and told me he didn't want to drive me crazy. We talked for a while about things, I stressed again that I didn't want any animosity between us, and that I would prefer the lines of communication to stay open, rather than us trying fight via our stereos.

He didn't own up to it as much as I feel he should have, because he said things like he'd been trying to be conscientious, but I let it go, because at least he came to me to talk about things. The one thing that irked me was when I jokingly mentioned us having stereo wars, he said, "Oh, no.. it's not that, because I have the atomic bomb to drop, and you can't beat that." Guys, I swear.

In any case, I'm quite pleased at the outcome, and he said he would try to keep things down after 11pm. I explained I have early classes and that I really appreciated it, and that I hoped we could get along and not fight anymore. We exchanged phone numbers in case either of us was making too much noise.

Yay.. a happy ending?!

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