Friday, January 21, 2005

Stereo Wars, Redux

So we had part two of Stereo Wars, beginning about ten minutes ago. I know it's very immature of me to fight back in kind, I'm stooping to his level, blahblahblah. But you know what? I'm finding it almost freeing to be an annoying bitch. I practically have the green light from the landlord, with his 'I can't do anything about it during the day', and Upstairs don't show any signs of stopping.

I think the best part of it is apparently, I can outblast them. Every single time I crank it up to cover the blaring music, I last way longer than they do. And you know how I said the speaker on my stereo is a foot away from the ceiling? I measured it just now, and it's actually less than a foot; more like nine inches. Haw!

So today, I played Miss Annoying DJ, and had so much fun selecting music to tell them I hate their fucking guts. I think the best part was when I played Reel Big Fish's "You Don't Know", which begins like this: First of all, I'd like to say 'fuck off' (fuck off, fuck off, fuck off)... It so happened that all was quiet up there at that point, so I'm hoping they got the lyrics. Haw!

I'm beyond turning it down after one song now. If they want to be obnoxious, well, sheeee-it. Do they realize they are dealing with The Queen of Obnoxious?? Just ask anyone who has worked with me. ;)

Immature, check. Evil, check. I'm still a little afraid that this will karmically come back to bite me on the ass, like I should continue to take the high road, but I feel as if I've been left with little choice. I do have an evil last-resort plan if it gets too bad, and I honestly hope it doesn't come to that because said plan involves leaving my stereo blasting while I'm not at home.

I'm so bad I'm good.

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