Friday, January 21, 2005

Plant and Soil Science Lab = Suckage

Despite the fact that I secretly lust after my PLSC lab instructor, so far this class bites. Part of it is fun, the part where we're growing some plants from seeds and observing the growth. The sucky part is where they make us look at root sections under the microscope and, in major painstaking detail, draw and label all the parts.

Lately, I realize that I have been using my blog to vent a lot and for that, I apologize to you all. It's just that my life right now is full of frustration and if I don't bitch about it somewhere, I just might explode.

Today's lab was even worse than last week's. I spent TWO AND A HALF HOURS drawing two different slides. I'm not kidding you, TWO AND A HALF HOURS. The teacher and her grad student said last week's drawings didn't have enough detail and wanted us to be as detailed as possible on a quarter of the two cross-sections. At the end, I felt like stabbing somebody. Particularly when last week's slide drawing was handed back to me in the middle of it, and it looked like this. 1.75 out of 3?? 58%?! They didn't even really tell us how much detail they expected!

There is very little point in making us do this type of thing, considering it seems mainly what they want us to do is label the parts. Why not save us two horrendous hours and give us a sheet with the slide picture on it, so that we can cut through all the crap and just label? It was doubly worse once they returned my corn root slide drawing to me, while I was toiling away on the monocot and dicot root cross-section pictures, and my grade was pure crap. Nothing like knowing what you're working on currently is probably going to be returned covered in red pen. They said, "We don't grade your artistic ability" and last time they said we didn't have to draw every single cell. So I didn't, and then I get points off for 'no detail'? Grrrrrrrrr.

I bite at realistic drawing, so does that mean I'm going to be a crap-ass scientist?

The one good thing that came out of today's lab is that I got paired up with this awesome girl, Robin, who will be my lab partner for the rest of the semester. She is so much nicer than pretty much everyone else I've met here (I don't know if I've mentioned yet how totally unfriendly everyone has been), she's smart, and she's a WAY better drawer than I am. I don't know what it is, I think everyone else's drawings look so much better than mine, and I can't help feeling that's going to be my downfall in this class. In any case, we were both starving, so Robin and I went to dinner after lab at a Japanese place by Evansdale that I'd been wanting to try. She's from WV but just moved to Motown, too, and has done all sorts of traveling, including living in California for a while. She's really nice, straight (in case you were wondering if I was crushing on her, too), and maybe.. just maybe.. I might have my first friend.

If next week's lab is as horrendously tortuous as today's, I'm going to speak to the teacher. It's just insane! The lab is 3 hours long, and in addition to drawing the slides, we were supposed to do a bunch of stuff with our seedlings. I don't know how they expect us to fit it all in that period of time.

This class alone may just drive me to drink. I know I'm going into biology and all, but is this really necessary? :|

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