Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Eagle Has Landed
Alternately Titled: Alena + No Internet For Ten Days = Post^5

I may or may not be an internet addict; I am, however, a hopeless geek. I can go a week without getting online and be fine, but after that, I really start jonesing. Anyway, the geek girl that I am wanted to have internet ready to go as soon as I moved in. The problem is that because the internet is free via Wi-Fi, I was dependent on getting a wireless adapter first. Dave, the guy who had the apartment before me was very nice but admitted he was not technologically savvy and couldn't tell me anything about the one he had. He advised me to wait until I moved to talk to the upstairs neighbor with the router, in order to make sure I got the right thing.

That was a little rain on my internet parade but I decided that a few days without internet wouldn't kill me, and would in fact probably be for the best so that I would not be sitting in front of the computer surrounded by unpacked boxes. Man, that was a long sentence. Anyway, a week before I left, Dave emailed me and asked if I wanted to buy his 10-month old adapter for $30. I told him yes, figuring I'd have everything set up sooner than I'd anticipated. But then I didn't hear from him, and I moved. He called me the night after I moved in and asked if I still wanted it, that it was all bubble-wrapped and ready to go. I said yes, got his address, and sent out a check the next day.

I've been sitting here for a week and a half unpacking, setting up, and watching WAY too much TV for my own good. I prayed the adapter would arrive. For one, I have discovered that nearly every show on Animal Planet totally makes me cry, yet I find myself constantly watching that channel. I finally called Dave last night to ask what up, wondering if he'd sent it or what. DADDY, I WANT MY INTERNET NOOOOOOOOOOWWW!!

I'm crazy. Don't stand between me and my internet. He only sent it two days ago! What up with that??

So yeah, I busted that baby out and let me tell you what a hell of a time I've had since then. I couldn't get the thing into any PCI slots and had almost given up on it as DOA when my final try seemed to work. Then, I got online briefly, but got disconnected and was having a devil of a time getting it up again (heh heh). Seems I got so excited when the computer finally recognized the hardware that I put down the instruction manual before reading a critical sentence telling me to uncheck a certain box. The whole mess seems to work now but I'm having weird problems with my windows and the taskbar that may or may not be related. I'm not crazy about the Wi-Fi at this point, as it still does seem to disconnect with some frequency, but maybe it'll win me over.

Anyhoo.. that is the cause of my extended disappearance.

As you may have already surmised, I am indeed moved in and now officially live in Morgantown. It's been pretty good so far and I mostly like my apartment. It's in an old house, so it's not perfect. But it's cheap and I get free cable and internet! The good things range from a real kitchen (including a real fridge, omg!), a private balcony, and I absolutely love the once-fireplace in the living room. I love the mantel, which is all carved wood with columns and an old mirror. It will make a nice altar and for once, I live in a place that can have a proper one that's actually facing east. Also, I figure I have most of an entire floor, so, aside from the bathroom, you can imagine I'm pleased with the space. I am mostly quite happy because I feel like I'm living in a real apartment for the first time. I'll take pictures once I get a bit more stuff unpacked. What, you didn't think I'd be done already, did you? Wait till you see what passes for a shower in my bathroom.

A lot has happened since we last spoke. The highlight of my New Years was my virgin trip to IKEA in Pittsburgh. I liked my old computer desk, but it was falling apart and I didn't really want to move it again. I'd had my eye on an IKEA desk for many moons (I ended up with this one, with the add-on unit) and the magical grant money I received right before moving allowed me to get it. I spent less than $160 and got an assortment of stuff, including a cabinet for the bathroom, some shelving, and a floor lamp. IKEA is good stuff.

I got the job I wanted at Cafe Bacchus and am feeling excited, nervous, and rather smug about how well it turned out. Everyone there seems nice, the restaurant is lovely, and the menu sounds wonderful. In about three seconds I zeroed in on something I was dying to try. Not to mention their highly impressive wine, beer, and spirits menu puts Olive Garden TO SHAME. I am really looking forward to working in a more high-class atmosphere devoid of screaming, crayon-wielding brats and their mulletheaded parents. WHEEEEE!!

I think I'm all written out for tonight. The saga continues in a later post...

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