Monday, January 10, 2005

Boys Are Stupid. Throw Rocks At Them!

My first two weeks here were great; my upstairs and downstairs neighbors were gone and it was so quiet and idyllic. The peace was shattered last night when they both returned, let me tell you. First there's all the door-slamming and stomping around. There's two guys in the two-bedroom upstairs, and another guy downstairs. The guys upstairs obviously enjoy their penthouse status and don't give a shit about the folks below them. Aside from all the stomping and slamming, I was subject to hours of the stereo and then the TV upstairs BLASTING. Like, at volumes well above "loud"; a person would have to intentionally have their TV/stereo turned to "beyond obnoxious". In addition, there also appears to be a dog living upstairs, which puzzles me because the landlord was quite adamant about this being a no-animals building -- and if they get to have a dog, I want a cat, damn it! The dog was barking a lot last night, most of the time while he was at the bottom of their stairwell (i.e. right next to the wall where I sit right now), so it was like having a dog in my apartment. And then they let him run around all crazy like a herd of rhino.

I didn't want my first meeting with my neighbors to be a negative one, so I was really trying to let it pass. I turned my stereo up to compensate, and because I was irritated, I stopped being conscientious and turned on my stereo's turbo bass. I had to turn up my own volume ridiculously high, levels that I ordinarily would avoid because of, well, my concern for bothering others. And yet, somehow, I still could hear the blaring bass from upstairs. I was really aggravated, especially as it was Sunday night with school the next day, and this shit was still going on at midnight.

Well, tonight, I'd had enough. When I say the TV and stereo were LOUD, imagine your upstairs neighbor cranking whatever he's got on. Setting his speakers on the floor, cranking the bass. Your ceiling shakes, you can't hear your own music/TV, but you can hear the dialog or the words to the song upstairs. In any case, when I got up from my nap a little bit ago, it was even worse than last night. I am still in such disbelief that someone could be so completely oblivious and whatever the opposite of conscientious is. So, when I'd had my fill, I went next door and rang the bell.

The conversation went something like this (imagine my neighbor holding a can of beer and acting in a rude, stand-offish way):

Me: Hi, I'm Alena, your new neighbor downstairs.
Him: Uh huh.
Me: I'm really sorry for our first meeting to be on a negative note, but I was wondering if you have any idea how loud your TV is?
Him: Yeah, no, I didn't.
Me (trying to be nice and friendly): Heh heh, well, it *is* really loud. It's sort of like having your TV in my living room!
Him (no smile or comraderie will be had today): So, it's loud.
Me (still trying to be nice): Yeah, it is. I'm generally very conscientious, so if *my* music is ever too loud or something, please feel free to let me know.
- At this point, the dog comes down the stairs to check things out -
Him (with an air of 'Okay, we're done, byeeee'): Well, I'll turn it down. I'm Jeremy, by the way.
Me: Thanks.

I wanted to be all BUT DOES THE LANDLORD KNOW YOU HAVE A DOG??! He ended up turning away, shutting the door, and leaving me feeling even more irritated and angry. I was really trying to be friendly and polite, and while text doesn't do it justice, his whole attitude made me go back inside while muttering expletives to myself. It honestly kind of makes me want to live here a lot less, and I keep asking myself if I can deal with the loud, rude asshole upstairs.

It reminds me so much of my crazy asshole porn-blaring neighbor next door in Parkersburg. He bugged the ever-living shit out of me. It just seemed to me, every time he would turn his music (or porn) up all the way, not only didn't he apparently care that it was affecting everyone around him, he was so oblivious to how obnoxious his behavior was. I realize having a stranger come to your door to ask you to turn it down can be a bit off-putting, but don't make me feel like an evil, anal bitch when I'm trying to be polite and shit. Plus, it's still loud and I can still hear it, so I figure they don't entirely grasp the concept. But hey, at least it's somewhat better than it was. Fuckers.

I've had a busy day today. Confrontation with neighbor. First class of semester. Having a car towed out of our lot.

My first class was today, the Computing and Natural Resources or whatever it's called. The teacher and his aide are both foreign-born Chinese peeps with some of the strongest accents I have heard since living in San Francisco. Frankly, I understand maybe 20% of what comes out of the teacher's mouth.. the rest sounds, well, like random Chinese sounds that sort of wash over my ears with no comprehension whatsoever. To make it worse, he has a verbal tic and adds 'hum' to most of his sentences. As far as subject matter goes, I should do pretty well, since at least half of it appears to be things I already know (go GeekGirl, go!). The other half looks to involve some programming and building of databases and stuff. So I'm thinking it can go one of a few ways.. one, I can't understand the teacher, but his materials are clear, so I end up not listening to lecture and reading on my own; two, I end up getting used to the accent and am able to understand both teacher and materials; or three, I'm skeeeeee-rewed! Ha ha!

The parking situation is RIDICULOUS. I scoped out a map and felt pretty confident at being able to find parking within reasonable walking distance of Evansdale (not the main) campus. I drove out this morning, only to discover that every single street around the campus is city permit parking only. Realize this is a residential area and every house has either a garage or a driveway to park in. The streets are like a ghost town: no cars parked anywhere. And yet I had to park like 10-15 minutes away and walk to my campus! It's a travesty, I'm telling you. All of that lovely parking just absolutely and totally going to waste. I'm not complaining about the walk, honestly, because God knows I need it, but when the weather is inclement, that 10-15 minute walk is going to suck balls. However, they have a first-come-first-served sale of Evansdale lot parking permits on the 24th, so I'm going to try to get one. They open at 7am, and I want one bad enough to get up that early!

Lastly, yes, I did have a car towed. During winter break when hardly any students were here, parking was not an issue and I was able to park on the street outside my front door. It's a closer walk that doesn't involve stairs, so I didn't really care about the back lot because I didn't need it. Right after I moved in, I had my eyes open for my neighbors coming back from vacation, but instead began to notice random people parking in our spaces, with blatant disregard to the big sign saying the spots were reserved and violators would be towed. These random people all appeared to be friends of the people who live in a house behind my building, across the alley. I noticed many different people come and go, all of whom just went ahead and parked in our lot, sometimes overnight. I could have called the tow truck then, but it wasn't like there was a lack of parking elsewhere, so I just let it go. However, I had a feeling that they would keep it up since after two weeks, no one had done anything.

Sure enough, I get home from class today and there's no street parking, and then I discovered my downstairs neighbor's car in my spot because his has been taken by a maroon Nissan Altima. I didn't know what the protocal was, whether they went by the numbers or just grabbed whatever was available, so I pulled into the one open slot. I noticed the Altima didn't have a parking pass, so I decided it was finally time for action. I feel a little guilty for doing it, but those are our spaces and THERE'S A BIG SIGN. I figured one of their friends would have to be towed before they stopped telling them to park there, since even up to last night, they showed no signs of letting us have our lot back. So.. the drama may continue, if they figure out who called and what my car looks like. ;)

Oh, and cable's been out since I got internet. Weird. But probably for the best, since TV is generally evil.

P.S. I think I know why I've been so rant-y and irritable lately. Yay for PMS!

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