Monday, December 13, 2004

Buncha Crap

I sold my Bean Boots on eBay for $36, which I'm pretty happy with because I didn't expect I'd actually get any bids on it. I mean, who wants ladies' size 8 wide Bean Boots? Apparently, a woman in Texas, and I got it shipped off to her today. Because it was a credit card payment, I finally had to bite the bullet and upgrade to PayPal Premium or whatever. When I upgraded, I was reading through all the 'features' and started playing with an idea. I'm perpetually broke, but you know, I make stuff that I could potentially sell. Would anyone be interested in purchasing bubble magnets (sets of six in a unique tin) or maybe some personalized musical creations (small pieces of art in their own form)? Use the comments to let me know. You could help a starving student move!

I took the second part of my Sociology final today and I think I did very well. It was a multiple choice vocabulary exam, eighty questions, and I breezed through it in about half an hour. It's been kind of a weird day overall, and never have I wished so much that I'd brought my camera with me. Right at the beginning of the test, my mechanical pencil just stopped working and I was unable to fix it. I still have no idea what is wrong with it. I had to rummage through my backpack to find a pencil and when I did, it was broken so I had to get up and go into the hall to sharpen it. The test itself was pretty easy; I'm generally pretty good at vocab as long as it's not names or dates, plus I've felt all semester long that I had a pretty good grasp on the material. The teacher had our grades with him, and amazingly I have 89.75%, which, after my vocab test score, should be pushed into the A range. I may indeed leave WVUP with a 4.0. w00t!

Maybe the weather is causing the weirdness, it's been hovering around freezing with extremely biting winds and a little snow. I stopped by Lowe's to get some packing tape, and neither of the two employees I asked, one of which belonged to the department in which it was eventually found, knew where it was. Then, in an aisle, I passed by two women, one of which was holding a grey poodle with a pink sweatshirt. It was so bizarre and out of place I wished I had a camera.

This day has been so odd that I checked Risa's Horoscopes to see if any cosmic movements are to blame. I believe in astrology to a point, and fully recognize that most syndicated horoscopes are so generalized they could apply to anyone. There are talented astrologists, however; when I lived in Santa Cruz, I read Risa's column weekly in the Good Times, a local newspaper. Sometimes her columns were so spot-on that I would have to cut them out and paste them into my journal to help describe what I was experiencing. I always enjoyed reading her insights on the predicted effect of planetary movements, plus the actual horoscopes never cease to amaze me.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) A shift is occurring and perhaps you feel it underneath your feet, in all interactions, and especially within your finances. It´s good to retreat a bit so the desert mirage of constantly changing pictures can recede into the background. A connection occurs during the New Moon. Risk opening yourself and the results will soothe you.

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