Sunday, December 26, 2004

A Tale of Two Cities

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I'm moving tomorrow. I'm not even close to being totally finished with packing. Mikey came over last night and instead of packing like I should have, we goofed around and dyed my hair. This is what it looks like, even though it was supposed to be 'light golden brown'. My hair is freakish that way and never takes the color it's supposed to.

Anyway, I'm kinda freaking out because, not surprisingly, I've waited until the last minute. You probably won't hear from me for a few days but I wanted to say I hope you all had great holidays and that you got what you wanted. I have a couple of nearly-finished posts to complete when I get set up in my new place. Wish me luck on my move and I'll see you all in Motown! :P

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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Geese, Long Overdue

One up in the photo journal: The West Virginian Goose Obsession II

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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Photo Friday: Tacky

Fun With Audioblogger

Angie rented episodes 5-8 of The L Word in order to catch up (she came in halfway through the season). We both were exhausted tonight, and you know how you sometimes get stupid and giddy when you're beyond tired. I've been in sleep deficit for the past couple of days, and Angie got up early to help build a Habitat For Humanity house at 8 am, after going to bed late last night.

So anyway, we watched an episode last night, and two tonight. After the second one, she declared she'd had enough for the night, though we sat there for a while with the DVD menu still on-screen. Angie started playing with features, taking me back to the scene in episode 4 where Alice and Shane are at The Planet hammering out the details of Shane and Alice's mom kissing. This is one of my favorite scenes in the entire first series, and therein lie a couple of gems I love. Angie at some point noticed the option to watch the series in Spanish, so we watched parts of dubbed-over episodes that we alternately heckled and laughed at. Dubbing in general is just goofy, but what I hate most of all is the dubbed-over sound effects, the voice actors in a studio watching a tape going, "Mmmm.. oohh.. aaahh.. mmm.."

Anyway, if you buy or rent the first season DVDs, I highly recommending watching some scenes in Spanish. There's a part in my favorite scene where Alice, in defense of hearing the gory details about how sexy and wild her mom is, grabs a pillow from the couch she's sitting on, covers her head and ears with it, and starts singing, "My baloney has a first name, it's O-s-c-a-r, my boloney has a second name.." Angie said she had to see the Spanish version, and I agreed. We had to watch it more than once, it was so damn funny. Here it is, in all its glory:

this is an audio post - click to play

Astrology Can Be Scary Sometimes

All I can say is WOW... I had to read the first line three times, it is so embarrassingly true.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) You need the gift of a financial advisor. And the realization that you do have possessions, that you have values, and that they need not always be destroyed in the throes of your constant feelings of death and regeneration. You need the gift of a bronze, silver, or gold phoenix so that you always understand that out of the ashen chaos of conflict comes the next harmonious tone. (Risa's Horoscopes)

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Monday, December 13, 2004

Photo Friday

This week's challenge: 'Abandoned'

Buncha Crap

I sold my Bean Boots on eBay for $36, which I'm pretty happy with because I didn't expect I'd actually get any bids on it. I mean, who wants ladies' size 8 wide Bean Boots? Apparently, a woman in Texas, and I got it shipped off to her today. Because it was a credit card payment, I finally had to bite the bullet and upgrade to PayPal Premium or whatever. When I upgraded, I was reading through all the 'features' and started playing with an idea. I'm perpetually broke, but you know, I make stuff that I could potentially sell. Would anyone be interested in purchasing bubble magnets (sets of six in a unique tin) or maybe some personalized musical creations (small pieces of art in their own form)? Use the comments to let me know. You could help a starving student move!

I took the second part of my Sociology final today and I think I did very well. It was a multiple choice vocabulary exam, eighty questions, and I breezed through it in about half an hour. It's been kind of a weird day overall, and never have I wished so much that I'd brought my camera with me. Right at the beginning of the test, my mechanical pencil just stopped working and I was unable to fix it. I still have no idea what is wrong with it. I had to rummage through my backpack to find a pencil and when I did, it was broken so I had to get up and go into the hall to sharpen it. The test itself was pretty easy; I'm generally pretty good at vocab as long as it's not names or dates, plus I've felt all semester long that I had a pretty good grasp on the material. The teacher had our grades with him, and amazingly I have 89.75%, which, after my vocab test score, should be pushed into the A range. I may indeed leave WVUP with a 4.0. w00t!

Maybe the weather is causing the weirdness, it's been hovering around freezing with extremely biting winds and a little snow. I stopped by Lowe's to get some packing tape, and neither of the two employees I asked, one of which belonged to the department in which it was eventually found, knew where it was. Then, in an aisle, I passed by two women, one of which was holding a grey poodle with a pink sweatshirt. It was so bizarre and out of place I wished I had a camera.

This day has been so odd that I checked Risa's Horoscopes to see if any cosmic movements are to blame. I believe in astrology to a point, and fully recognize that most syndicated horoscopes are so generalized they could apply to anyone. There are talented astrologists, however; when I lived in Santa Cruz, I read Risa's column weekly in the Good Times, a local newspaper. Sometimes her columns were so spot-on that I would have to cut them out and paste them into my journal to help describe what I was experiencing. I always enjoyed reading her insights on the predicted effect of planetary movements, plus the actual horoscopes never cease to amaze me.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) A shift is occurring and perhaps you feel it underneath your feet, in all interactions, and especially within your finances. It´s good to retreat a bit so the desert mirage of constantly changing pictures can recede into the background. A connection occurs during the New Moon. Risk opening yourself and the results will soothe you.

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Saturday, December 11, 2004


This is a quick update because I have to head to work in a little bit. The semester is thankfully coming to a close. I had a Sociology final on Wednesday, my math final is next Wednesday, and I've also been trying to get loose ends tied up here before my move on the 27th.

The Sociology final was a little frustrating. There were 150 questions, 50 of them written with one essay, and the class itself is only an hour and forty-five minutes long. Even if we'd started right when class did, I would still have felt very rushed. But the teacher squandered fifteen precious minutes talking about nothing -- actually, he spent about two of the fifteen telling us important things, and then kind of babbled the rest of the time. I kept thinking, Oh my god, hurry up, I have to get started! Oh my god, stop talking, please, nooooooooo!

The way the teacher does the final is he has two parts; the first part is given during the last class period, and if you get less than 95% on it, you have to come back during finals week to take the second part, which is a vocab test. Admittedly, I didn't study as hard as I should have and of course there was a whole bunch of stuff I didn't know. Because 2/3 of the test was multiple choice, I was generally able to make decent guesses, but when it came to the written part, time was really ticking and I found I couldn't remember a few things. I'd wanted to write a good essay -- it was on female circumcision from a culturally relativistic point of view -- and ended up having to skip to the end to start working on that as my time drained away.

I wouldn't have been so worried about time if I hadn't had my math class in the next period. The essay ended up being only a few paragraphs, which disappointed me because I could have done much better, but at least I got my points across very well. I had to leave a couple of questions mostly blank because I couldn't even remember the terms he was using to ask for examples. Blaaargh!

When I finished the test as much as I could, I brought it up to him and said, "Well, I'll be seeing you next week." He kind of laughed and I explained I felt I sort of blew the test, so he pulled out his answer key and showed me what I'd blanked out on, which of course made me feel even dumber because as soon as I saw the answers, I was like, DUH! But then he said because of the number of questions, I could miss 20 and still make an A.

I don't know what my grade was on Part I, but I have to go back on Monday to take the second part. Sucky, but it's entirely my fault. Also, during the semester, our chapter tests were online, which, while cool, totally did not help me out because I kept forgetting I had to take them until the test deadline had already passed. So I think I missed something like four tests, which is bad news. He said he'd give me a lot of extra credit for speaking at the sexuality panel, and while I know I don't deserve an A, I would be so happy at this point if I scraped by with a B.

I've fallen behind in math this semester because of my laziness, but the teacher gave us a list of sample problems to study, and I am going to force myself to work through them so that I can pass the test with flying colors. I'm in Intermediate Algebra now, but have to work up to Intro to Calculus, so for my own sake, I want to have a solid foundation to stand on. I do not have a good history with math and have always struggled with it, at least until I met this teacher. I know I can do it if I put effort into it, and that if I work I can understand it.

Other than that, I'm getting all geared up to move. The truck is reserved, I switched over power and phone service, so I now have my new address and phone number. Aside from packing and cleaning, the only thing I have left to do is submit my mail forwarding card at the post office. Things at least feel more real now, but there is still a sort of surreal feeling that I'm actually leaving here, leaving Angie, leaving my shite job, etc. I'm very excited about it, though, especially as every day in the past week or so, I've come home to something annoying because of my neighbors. I just keep thinking to myself, Only a couple more weeks..

My last day at OG is Christmas Eve. I was going to make it the 23rd instead, but I heard that it's a good money day. I still don't have a job lined up in Morgantown, but I have my eye on two places.. first choice is Cafe Bacchus, a fine dining restaurant that has a real chef and looks swank, or the Radisson, which is also a very nice hotel (plus they're hiring for full-time banquet servers, which is what I'd want to do there, maybe I can talk them into part-time).

That's about it for now, sorry at the lack of posting in the past few days. I'm a little preoccupied right now. :)

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Monday, December 06, 2004


I just finished a piece for The Lesbian Lifestyle, called Rearview Mirror. It's about an abusive relationship I was in a few years ago. In all this time, I haven't written anything about this part of my life, other than a few references to a psycho ex. I came across TLL and knew it was the time to get it out, as I can't completely work through a serious issue without writing about it.. Writing helps my mental flow by allowing me to work out things I have blocks on.

So anyway, it's kind of personal so be nice with the comments. Thx.

P.S. Is anyone experiencing lengthy load times on this site? Just curious if it's me or if I need to do some tweaking.

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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Learn From My Mistakes

I like the idea of having separate categories for filing posts under. I may add such a feature in the near future, if I can come up with a list. Anyway, I have an idea for a new category, which I call "Learn From My Mistakes". Considering how hell-bent I am on ignoring advice and doing everything the wrong way first, this should be a busy category.

This first entry is going to be a party entry. You see, I have a long-standing relationship with marijuana, so Mary Jane and I have gotten to know each other very well. I have learned when and when not to smoke. I am not going to get into lecture mode or go into detail about all of these. Instead, I would like to talk about something very important when it comes to marijuana.

OMG.. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT smoke pot when you are drunk. I have yet to meet anyone who is strong enough to avoid getting pummeled by such a combination. Smoking before drinking seems to be fine, but once you become intoxicated, forget it unless you enjoy intense room spinning and and intermittent, uncontrollable hurking. The rest of the time, you're lying on the bathroom floor thinking death is better than this. If this is your idea of a good time, then by all means, be my guest.

Never trust your judgement while inebriated. You may think you're hardly drunk and can handle getting high, you may even forget that smoking weed while drunk is a seriously bad idea. Whatever the case may be, take my experienced advice and don't do it. Last night, after forgetting I shouldn't smoke while that drunk, I spent what felt like days trapped in an unending hell. I hardly had anything in my stomach, but my body so did not care. All I wanted was to fall asleep so it would end, but I was cold on the tile floor and yet unable to stand up and walk to bed without throwing up again. The one time I made it, I only got to savor the warmth for a couple minutes before I started gagging again and had to run to the bathroom. When I say it's not pretty, it really isn't.

You can ask Mikey, he'll back me up. He was drunk one night at my house, but told me he wasn't. I could tell he kinda was, but stupidly took him at his drunken word and acquiesced when he asked to smoke a bowl. If I'd known just how drunk he was, I could have prevented the tragedy that followed; he ended up sick as a dog, puked, and had to crash on my couch.

Thankfully, this hasn't happened very frequently to me, as I early on decided to stay far away from such a combination. It's a little odd to me that being baked beforehand seems to be fine; I have been pleasantly stoned and drunk at parties before with no ill effects other than normal hangover-edness. I don't know what it is when you're drunk and then smoke, but it seems to majorly increase the room spinning effect, which, when really bad, is generally what makes me puke on alcohol alone. You might say to yourself that marijuana is an anti-emetic, and that I'm full of crap. I really don't know what it is, but again I beg you to trust me when it comes to this. Learn from my pain and suffering, lest it be for naught.

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(I'm getting closer! Three more completed offers needed.)

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Girly Things

I've been really broke and unable to justify blowing $16 on something like eyebrow waxing. As much as it is obvious that I shouldn't go without it. Soooo.. this is my very first attempt EVAR, plucking my own eyebrows. No one has ever taught me and I honestly had no idea what I was doing. I mighta gotten a little crazy on the right one, but what do I know. Hopefully one of you will tell me if it looks like shit so that I can wear a bag over my head when I go out.

Don't be all like "Aaaaaaah!" when the picture opens, be forewarned it's a close-up of my face. (duh)

Friday, December 03, 2004

Buy Me

In financial desperation, I had an epiphany last night as I was falling asleep. Does anyone else do their best creative thinking as they're drifting off? Anyway, I realized that I do indeed have something sellable on eBay: my hardly used Bean Boots. They're a women's 8 wide and are clean enough to eat off. I've worn them maybe twice, and both times were only inside.

Soooo, read the listing if you want 'em.

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