Saturday, November 06, 2004

Woo, Writing

Well, my first 'chapter' is finished. I say 'chapter' like that, because the size of the chapters is going to be entirely proportionate to my attention span. So-called chapters for a So-called Novel. Click here for Chapter 1. Feedback appreciated (just be nice, I have a fragile ego, thx).

I remember why I stopped writing fiction now. It's that I find myself fairly inept at writing the quality level I'd like.. I find it very difficult to express exactly what's in my head. Like if I have a scene in my head, I may have detail down to what the room smells like, but be completely unable to express it fluidly. It's frustrating. I may not have this thing wrapped up by the end of the month. Heh.

Aside from that, I just wanted to share a little of the randomness inside my head. As part of my personality, maybe it's the scientist in me, I find myself either gifted or cursed with the ability to see almost everything in a whole slew of various paradigms. Some of these paradigms are fairly normal, things that you might consider as putting on someone else's shoes, or being able to see different points of view.

Other paradigms are more random and odd. You see, I was an only child growing up and I learned very early on to amuse myself. Like everything else I do to excess, I learned to amuse myself at pretty much all times, which means playing weird games in my head, or fantasizing about stuff, or just thinking really random shit. I sometimes amuse myself by playing around with different viewpoints and creating little fantasy 'what if' situations.

I started to type out some examples, but you know, it just makes me sound way crazier than I already do. So anyway, tonight, I lost a pack of cigarettes, and when I realized I lost it, I immediately felt like I'd drawn a bad luck card in a game: "Lose pack of cigarettes! Oooh... lose 40 points!" Maybe I've been playing too much Sims 2, maybe I'm just weird.

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