Thursday, November 25, 2004

This Post Is Probably Not For Everyone

The content hereafter comes with a great big ole warning: none of this is for the squeamish or faint of heart. If you're easily disgusted, you will most assuredly be better off by ignoring the rest of this post.

That said, if you are strong-stomached and/or scientifically interested in such things, you should take a look at Malady of the Month (ganked from memepool). The pictures are decidedly gross, but I'm rather fascinated with the descriptions of these conditions. I've always been interested in illness and disease because of their roles in the grand scheme of ecology. Genetic mutations interest me, too, for similar reasons, and because evolution is wholly dependent on how a species can adapt and change.

I'm a biologist and my interest in these things is entirely scientific. I don't get any sort of thrill by looking at gross stuff and my intention here is not to disgust or shock. For those of you with the stomach, I am going to post a link to this, a birth defect called Harlequin Fetus, simply because, in scientific terms, it is the absolute freakiest thing I have ever seen. It looks like something concocted by The X-Files and I foresee having nightmares involving freakish red-eyed babies.

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