Friday, November 12, 2004

Sorry Everybody

Some of you will remember my open letter to all non-Americans, which I posted back in September as an outlet for the shame and sorrow I feel for being a part of this country under Bush, and our the current policies. I know our friends abroad are not stupid and I also know that many of them recognize that we're not all dumbfucks (just 51% of us).

Apparently, I'm not the only one who feels the need to apologize. The site Sorry Everybody features photos from people around the country (and the world) telling non-Americans how sorry they are, in their own unique ways.

Since the election, I've found it really difficult to dive back into politics. This is because the election outcome really depressed me. I even had a moment where I cried out of frustration and disbelief, asking God how or why s/he could let this happen to us. Now that I'm calmer, I figure there must be a reason, but part of me still can't believe that God would let such an evil man and his administration have full run of the world for another four years.

So I've been mostly avoiding getting worked up over issues, trying to take a little mental and emotional break from things. I found the pictures at Sorry Everybody very clever and touching. I was looking through pages of them, but when I got to this picture, I found I couldn't go any further. I found myself nearly crying; the man's expression, his note, they caught me off guard and I suddenly had tears fill my eyes.

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