Friday, November 05, 2004


I'm feeling a bit loquacious this evening, so please bear with me. First I wanted to bring to your attention something I find incredibly interesting: Correlation between IQ and politics. The author mentioned that the site might be coming down soon due to bandwidth restrictions, so if you're interested, click now, add to the bandwidth, and see it before it's gone.

Secondly, I would like to report a small success on my part. I watched the movie Super Size Me, which I highly recommend to everyone. It really puts the whole health issue in a different light and you might very well be cursing my name when the movie turn you off fast food and soda. Watching the movie helped me change my lifestyle a little for the better. The film makes me want to eat fast food as little as possible, which is a good thing. Plus, I was pretty much done with soda after seeing all the sugar in big jugs, and since then I have drastically reduced my sugary drink intake.

Speaking of sugar, did you know that only SEVEN items on McDonald's menu don't include sugar? Think for a moment and try to guess which ones. Not so surprising in and of themselves: coffee, iced tea, Diet Coke, fries, hash browns, sausage, and chicken nuggets. It's more surprising that other items you might think of first, such as salads and meats, aren't on that list.

I've found a system for being satisfied with drinking water, which is that I keep three 20 oz. plastic bottles in the freezer, half full of water/ice. My fridge is ancient and slow to freeze, which is why I need three bottles, but I figure with a better freezer, you probably could just use two. But what I do is rotate the bottles depending on which is the most frozen, fill it the rest of the way with cold Brita water, and have ice water for a good couple of hours. I probably drink less water than I did sugary drinks, but I am hydrating instead of the opposite. Also I figured that I was drinking at least five hundred calories a day before.

So for the past three weeks, I've had about one full sugary drink a day, drinking water the rest of the time. A couple of days, I had no soda at all, and in fact, I haven't had any soda in my house in about a week. I felt like I'd lost a little weight, but it was subtle and I thought maybe I was imagining it. I hadn't been doing any extra exercise or major diet changes (I am trying to eat better and vastly cut down the fast food, even before SSM), but I was curious so I stopped by the Student Health office last Monday. I got on the scale with trepidation, expecting to have gained, and what I discovered overjoyed me. I lost five and a half pounds!

So there you go. My anti-soda testimonial. It will be interesting to see if there are more results to be had...

Thirdly, Angie dragged me out to the movies on a 'date'. After I posted about feeling like we were back to just-friends mode, things started to warm back up. I think the main catalyst was my haircut, which I finally am able to admit is really frippin' cute. Originally it was so different that it's taken a while to feel like I really own the hairstyle. When it first got done, it felt sort of like wearing a wig I couldn't take off; like it wasn't my own hair or something. The style in the pic I posted was pretty subdued, but it's sort of evolved into its own hairstyle and I really dig it. My hair has really shown some great personality with this style -- for the first time ever, I have a haircut that works with Medusa-head -- and it gets all flippy and shaggy and cool-messy. Whenever I get a camera, I'll post pics.

Anyway, Angie was given movie and concession stand passes as a birthday gift, so she asked me to go see The Incredibles. First of all, I am a huuuuuuge Pixar fan. I can't think of anything they've done that I didn't think was awesome. The animation and cinematography alone are breathtaking, but what stands out most to me is the brilliant humor that pervades Pixar's films. Maybe it's that there's so much of it and it's thrown at you quick and fast and that appeals to my random sense of humor.. all I know is I can't get enough.

The Incredibles was no exception. The film was incredibly (ha ha) done, and had me totally cracking up throughout. The character Edna killed me, she sort of reminded me of a mixture of gay boys and something else I can't put my finger on. In any case, I found myself unable to stop laughing. So go see it, it's super (ha ha) good.

Lastly, I think I've decided which digital camera I'm going to get. I've been browsing cameras on eBay, and was having a hard time deciding. Plus I admit I've never shopped for a camera before (I've only had them given to me), so I decided to ask the photographer for help. Angie looked some over for me and finally recommended the Canon SD100 PowerShot 3.2MP Digital Elph. Angie's had plenty of occasion to test drive one, as her step-mom frquently loans hers, and it is indeed a nice camera. It's pretty compact and lightweight, with a lot of features (Angie said close to that of a professional camera), and it takes crisp, clear pictures. On top of it, it's within my price range, so yay.

Can't wait to have a camera again!

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