Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Well, I voted. Now to sit back and watch the fracas unfold.

I can't express how scared I am about the outcome of this election. The wrong choice will surely lead to some tremendous negative circumstance. And no matter who wins there won't be much relief, as they'll likely be fighting over it for a while yet.

I voted for John Kerry because I don't think America can withstand another four years of this neo-con regime. It's even scarier when you think that Bush and Cheney, if reelected, will have very little to lose once in office. No chance at another term for Bush, and Cheney has said that he's not going to run for president. Given their track record, less accountability is not a good thing.

I ended up voting a straight party ticket because the Republican candidates this year are really scary. A couple of them made ignorant, homophobic spew part of their campaign platforms, with which they polluted the media here. Anyway, because of all the sketchy voting things going on, I made a point to vote for Kerry in addition to my straight party vote. I just had a weird feeling about only filling in the straight party box on the ballot and with all the election hankypank going on, I didn't want there to be any question.

If you're worried like I am, just take a moment to close your eyes and envision President Kerry. I'm serious.. visualization is powerful and is an integral part of magick, especially when you want to fulfill desires. So close your eyes and envision something like President Kerry on TV, a news story, a speech, or whatever. Say "President Kerry" to yourself a few times. Project your desire for him to be President. It can be something that simple, and I find it rather calming. Maybe it's too weird for you, but humor me: I believe it will help.

I just signed up for BlogExplosion yesterday and already my hits have doubled. It's a nifty little service, particularly if you have a small-ish blog and wish to expand your reader base. As well as being quite well-crafted overall, it's totally free.

Now, there's no promising any of these readers will actually stick around. Most of my traffic has been only on the pass-through, maybe they read a little during the 30 seconds, maybe they just waited impatiently to click. Who knows?

I guess I don't really mind this so much, as I do appear to have some repeat readers and I find myself presently contented with my blog being read at all (outside of my loyal few, i <3 u). I read in someone's blog that they've won up to 25 mystery credits in one day, but so far my daily best is a mere one time, for 3 points. It's somewhat addicting and I find myself not being able to stop clicking forward. I can only wonder if the next one will be my mystery point jackpot. Oh please, let it be.

As for the sites in the ring, they're pretty varied, although I have personally come across too many right-wing, exceedingly Christian blogs. There are some brilliant, well-written blogs there, some of which I bookmarked for later perusal. However, I have been sucked into numerous ridiculous neo-con posts and comments in the past two days. I know my regular readers would have a field day with some of them, and indeed, I couldn't resist a few comments here and there. Do they even have any idea how ignorant and misinformed they sound?

After much debating, I signed up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I've lately felt very busy and who knows if I will even be able to put much work into it. However, I do have a story in my head, one that has been entertaining me for a couple of weeks. I don't write fiction much these days and was alternately shelving and playing with this current story, when NaNoWriMo came to my attention. It seemed good timing, and I thought what the hell, maybe blogging it would make it easier on me.

I won't post the storyline here because I'm always embarrassed to discuss my work ideas before they begin to get flushed out in my writing. But I will be creating a novella blog shortly, and will post here if I ever finish a chapter. Have I mentioned I don't often actually finish my stories? I'm going to try anyway.

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