Friday, November 12, 2004

Hurray for eBay

I checked my mailbox as I was leaving for work and was pleasantly surprised to find not one, but two goodies! Not only did I receive my new digital camera a mere two days after purchasing it, I also got my first Burn It CD. I realized then that I really need to get cracking -- I'm in two groups this time.

So I've been kind of playing around with my camera. I love how small it is, for not only can I comfortably bring it with me places, it has all sorts of features I haven't figured out yet. It came with TWO book-sized manuals. Plus it's stainless steel and really sleek. I'm slightly disappointed with the image quality, not that it's bad. In fact, it's probably better than my other camera. It's just that there's a certain type of really crisp image that I covet. Unfortunately, I think the type of camera that produces images I most admire is probably well out of my price range.

Anyhoo.. so I did some random picture taking tonight. I don't know if it's the flash, but I've never seen my eyes so freakin' green. Neat-o.

Other than that, I had a fairly decent night at work. My tables were mostly very nice and fun, and the tips were way better than they have been. I made the mistake of jinxing myself about halfway through the night when I thought, Wow, tonight is going really well. I wonder if it'll stay that way. Oh, evil, wicked mind..

Cue the pompous, condescending, rude couple. These people were living in a deluded fantasy world that they were somehow better than everyone else around them. I greeted them in a little bit of a rush, and tried to get their drink order in a timely fashion so I could get to my other tables, one of which sat down while I was attending to this couple. They held me captive at the table as they bantered about the drinks, whether they'd get wine, what wine they'd choose, what wine I would recommend with a certain dish, then ignoring my contribution completely, settling with two wines of their choice. Somewhere in there, they dropped in the conversation that they'd spent three years in Europe, a propos of nothing. I assume this was supposed to impress me, but I was irritated with their indecision and chose not to reply to the comment. I continued on without saying anything, and they told me they wanted the wine with their meal and ordered soft drinks in the interim.

Grateful to finally have their drink order, I hurried to get their other drinks and greet my new table. Everything was progressing fine as far as I knew, until their food came. I had food for two tables come up at the same time, so Marcus grabbed the couple's food and took it out, while I brought out the other table's. I was clearing off salad plates and things, and making sure everyone was set before I went back to get drink refills and such. Because Marcus had delivered their food, I stopped by the couple's table to check in with them, see if they needed anything, etc.

Immediately the lady lit into me, saying quite rudely, "Yeah, we ordered wine with our meals, and we don't have it?"

I was extremely taken aback by her patronizing, harsh tone. I can't do it justice here, as it was truly the entire package, but take my word for it when I say she talked to me like I was a piece of shit on the bottom of her shoe. I didn't know what to say, I mean, I hadn't even been the one to bring the food, how was I honestly supposed to have the wine instantaneously appear on the table? People kill me sometimes, with the surreal things they expect. Anyhow, all I managed to say was, "Marcus just set your food down.. I'll go get that for you right now."

In retrospect, I think it sounds worse than how I intended it. I mostly was surprised she was so upset, given the circumstances. Anyway, she replied, "WHAT did you just say??"

I repeated myself calmly, and she got even more worked up. She started talking with her hands, gesturing to the table devoid of wine, and stated something to the effect that they expected the wine to be delivered at the moment of their food. The attitude and demeanor of these two rendered me speechless. In truth, it's not so much that I was speechless, it's that I had to say, "Okay." and turn and walk away... because if I waited any longer, I'd have lit into her.

I went and talked to the manager and explained what happened as I poured their wine. I repeated the conversation and told him they were pissed at me, and I requested he take the glasses to them. As I was heading back toward the dining room, my roommate Erin passed me with a wide-eyed expression and said, "Oh my god. What is UP with those people at your table??"

I then remembered that Erin had been standing about two feet away from me at the time of the confrontation with my table and had likely overheard the entire thing. I asked her if she heard what they'd said, and she told me, "After you walked away, they pulled me into it and said, 'Did you hear what our server just said?!' I told them I didn't hear anything, and they went off on me about you. I heard what they said, but I didn't hear you say anything."

I replied, "I know! That's because I didn't say anything! Aaargh!!"

They ended up totally chewing out the manager and talking down to him as well. They apparently dropped the three years in Europe thing into the conversation again, and also claimed to know the general manager. The manager was trying to be helpful with them and even got them a box, but that did not stop their patronizing manner to everyone at the restaurant.

I refused to go back to the table, and begged Erin to help me finish out the table. I told her they probably wouldn't leave me anything, but if they did, she could have it for helping me. She delivered the check, which she said was ripped from her hand by the woman in the couple. Erin brought back money and the bill, which she handed over sort of apologetically, and I soon discovered why: the receipt had "[General Manager] -- Call me re: this meal. Stanley 295-whatever" written on it.

OMG. These people really were too much. So I made change and asked another server to deliver it for me. She came back with a surprised look on her face and asked what was up with the couple, telling me the lady had ripped the black book from her hand. What. Ever.

Once Erin took over for me, I completely ignored the table, not once looking in their direction. The rest of my tables were very nice, so I just busied myself with them and let Mr. and Mrs. Superiority Complex see the good service they missed out on. They sat there for a while, and a couple of times it looked like they were staring me down in an attempt to get my attention, but I had erased them and they didn't exist.

In the end, they left me $1. Why, I don't even know. I made Erin take it, both as a token of my deep and most sincere appreciation for stepping into the line of fire for me and because I honestly did not want their money. When I talked to the manager later, he said he believed I didn't do anything to justify how the people were acting, and because they were behaving that way with everyone, even those trying to help, he felt they were incredibly rude and superior-acting. I'm not in trouble, though the manager told me that next time I should just apologize and do whatever, without trying to explain. Probably true, but in situations where I'm put on the defensive, I find it very hard to apologize (especially when I'm not even wrong!). The man's note to the GM was left in the office with a note from the manager to see him first.

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