Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Electoral College System Can Bite Me

Right on the ass, even.

The election outcome has brought out the crazy, evil, activist bitch within. After the 2000 election, it occurred to me and many others that our present system of vote attribution is not only outdated, but actually spits in the face of true democracy.

What is the point of voting, what is the point of the popular vote, if this country doesn't count each vote as equal? I mean, isn't that the supposed beauty of this country and its government, that all citizens have equal say? That no one's vote is worth more than another's? Is it true democracy if the candidate who won the country's popular vote can still lose the race? Honestly, I do not believe so. In my personal view, a system that permits a candidate to obtain the presidency even though the minority of citizens voted for him is greatly flawed.

I encourage you all to do a bit of reading on the history of the electoral college system. Google it, you should turn up a decent number of results. Back when it was created, it made enough sense, and was intended to work with the rest of the country's systems of checks and balances. Our Founding Fathers obviously could not have seen this far into the future, nor I'm sure, did they envision the sort of voter suppression, corruption, and election stealing we presently live with.

For one, the electoral college system causes disproportionate campaigning in higher-vote states, leaving the smaller-point states out on the fringes with much less attention. To me this is sort of silly and again, leaves me with the feeling that even presidential candidates recognize that not all votes are equal. You campaign harder in Ohio because the state is worth 20 votes, but hardly bother with its next-door-neighbor West Virginia because it's worth a mere quarter of Ohio. This places undue and unfair emphasis on certain states while rather negating other, less critical ones.

I'm not a quick-tempered person and while I might get strongly irritated about things, I am seldom truly angry. I will take a hell of a lot of shit from people before I hit my cut-off point, but once I've had enough, look out. Most people have never seen me ragingly pissed off, which, I can assure you, is a most fortunate thing for them. You see, when I get reeeeeeally pissed off, I get a little crazy. I might remind you that I am a Scorpio, so my fashion of dealing with it is usually some subversive form of revenge. It's not pretty, and wise people immediately recognize the best course is to scatter and hide.

So yeah, I'm pissed. I mean, really fired-up, crazy pissed, and since my target is rather intangible, I'm all raring for action. I plan on doing something about the electoral college system. If I have to send an email to every Democrat in office, I will. If I have to write letters and petition and pester the crap out of them, I will. Because it is more than plain to me that the current system is totally out of touch with life nearly 230 years after it was conceived. Something needs to be done about it.

I'm doing research now on the possibilities. My first step is trying to find a petition or petitions that I can sign. As I discover them, I will post them here. I likely will simply update this post, to keep the information in one place, so if you are interested in working to change the electoral college system, all you need to do is click the [+] thinger and bookmark it. Or just Google search for online petitions and do a search.

Here's some stuff to start:

The Electoral College - Concerns

- My Petition to the Senate Rules and Administration Committee: Call to Abolish Electoral College System

- To Congress: Abolish the Electoral College

- To Congress: Abolish the Electoral College

- To U.S. Citizens: Electoral College Removal

- More petitions: Search list for 'electoral college' on

- To Congress: Create Electoral Equality: Pass the Right to Vote Amendment

- To Congress and Senate: Democracy for the USA

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