Tuesday, November 02, 2004


It's not any surprise that the election is so close. I think everyone knew it would be. However, I really am on edge about the outcome. Thankfully the gap has narrowed in Ohio, plus the absentee ballots won't be counted for days.

The biggest shocker of the night for me was that Bush is the projected winner in West Virginia. This state is historically a Democrat state, and what blows my mind even more is that the people elected a Democrat governor by a decent margin. WTF?? First of all, I just don't understand why anyone who isn't rich would support Bush after he's lied and manipulated the country, trashed our international reputation, stolen our liberties, and gone to war on false pretenses. This area seems to have a large number of military persons, so it rather amazes me that at this point they wouldn't see exactly what's going on.

They have loved ones in Iraq, soldiers having tours of duty extended, some being sent back to do a second tour. The death toll is rising. Yet they vote for Bush? I honestly don't get it.

Angie and I played Scrabble while we watched the election coverage. She made chocolate chip cookies (from scratch, even!), and we sat and agonized over the coverage in between bouts of arguing over words. I got my best-ever Scrabble score, 319. I think I'm improving at the game, and I most definitely am the Scrabble champion at that house.

We're thinking of playing some theme games, like one with all slang words or words all spelled phonetically.

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