Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I am trying to catch up on all my daily blog reads, and in doing so, I've come across some interesting stuff that I want to post.

I've been lately really enjoying JuliusBlog, and today found this an interesting read. 10.26.2004: Readers may be interested to learn that the "caging" e-mails below (one and two) are indeed the same documents referenced in Greg Palast's latest BBC Newsnight investigation. -- DEAD LETTER OFFICE: GeorgeWBush.org: Bush/Cheney in 2004! (parody site)

Is there a "We Have The Biggest Balls Award"? Because the Bushies seem to be hell-bent on winning it. The Republicans admit they are planning to intimidate black voters at the polls in Florida.

In other news, Austria scraps Arnie statue:

Plans to build an 80ft statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator character in his Austrian home town have been scrapped because he's backing President Bush.

Also trouble on the homefront: Sex Ban For Arnie

Lastly, this just makes Wiccans look like overly-sensitive whiners. I would think most of us don't really care, this Halloween image of a witch is not a new one. Secondly, why ruin a fun little holiday for everyone, instead of simply not posting any witch pictures, asking kids and parents to not use those costumes as they're so very offensive, and maybe educating kids a little bit about why?

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