Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Regular readers might notice that I re-ordered the layout somewhat. I use the blogs section far more than any other, so I placed that nearer the top because I'm a lazy bastard who's tired of scrolling down all the time. In the same vein, I use the links section the least, so that got pushed down to the bottom.

You may also notice I have some Google ads on my page now. This is purely to better my humble site without resorting to begging for PayPal donations. I think it's fine for people to do so if they feel comfortable with it, but maybe unfortunately for this site, I never felt right about it. I hesitate to use the word "begging" lest I offend anyone who does the PayPal Donate thing, but frankly, me doing it feels like begging. Although I am indeed a starving student living in a redneck ghetto apartment, I personally do not like asking for money. I never have.

So should you be interested in supporting site improvements, such as paid subscriptions to tool services (Blogger, HaloScan commenting, BlogRolling, etc.), I offer the ads as a way for us both to benefit.

La la la.. okay, I'm done.

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