Friday, September 03, 2004

Open Letter To All Non-Americans

Hi. My name is Alena, and I'm an American. Wait -- before you click away, stop for a moment and let me apologize to you. I'm writing this letter to you because I am deeply ashamed of my country's behavior. It shames me to know exactly how my country and my people look to you from the outside, and no matter what I do or say, every day it only gets worse.

I am not the only American that feels this way, but there is a climate of fear and political dishonor in our country that makes it difficult to speak out and be truly heard. Our fair country is currently lost, and almost all of us feel that loss in our daily lives. Some people don't even realize what they have lost, because it's easier to be blissfully oblivious in the mainstream, easy to simply believe what they're told the most often.

Whether we recognize the problems or not, the majority of us feel rather helpless to change them. We are as outraged as you; we speak out, write, protest, petition. Our voices are being silenced all over the country. The opposition is well-funded and well-connected.

I admit that our country is a country of non-thinkers. Not everyone by any means, because we have stunning culture and plenty of brilliant artists and thinkers. However, a good many of us are people who prefer to be absorbed in their own lives rather than in the world at large. This section of the population is sheep who like to follow, to not question, or think. They're lazy, but not only that, they appear to enjoy being manipulated by institutions that want to make money from them. On top of that, our President is a cowboy from Texas, which probably doesn't mean much to you, but all I can say is: the big swaggery attitude is all Texas. He consequently has acted the part, only this time his ranch is the planet.

He has a lot of money, connected family, and many enormously rich friends. In our country, that can buy a fellow a lot, including an entire election. Don't blame us, we didn't vote for him! (For the record, Gore won the popular vote by 539,947 votes, but thanks to our outdated Electoral College system, the guy who lost the popular vote made it into office and look where we are now.)

So I want you to know that I am very sorry for our actions. I do not believe in war, and I don't believe in pushing around other countries. I don't believe in bullying, in mocking and boycotting (je suis désolée), especially when the point of view expressed is logical (as opposed to the one backed by billions of dollars).

Please know that many Americans are saddened by the war and think it should end. Many of us are aware our President is vacuum-headed buffoon, and we are working to fire him. Many of us hate what has happened to our reputation, and we mourn the loss of our international friends. And, lastly, most of us are afraid.

Please do not judge us too harshly. I feel our losses and it saddens me; besides, we are not all pompous, gluttonous cretins. We are trying to stand up and speak out. We find it difficult because we are daily being oppressed, our liberties silently stolen away from us, our voices squelched. Above all, please know that I am sincerely sorry. Forgive our leaders, who unfortunately speak in our name (hopefully, not for too much longer).

Pray for us.

Bright Blessings to You,


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