Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Let's Play WTF

In this case, I want to know Who the Fuck sings this song, and what's the name of it?

Neither the file name or the track tag is helpful, and I've tied repeatedly to backwards-find the song and/or artist by Googling the lyrics. No dice. As I am rather anal about the organization of all things pertaining to the innards of my computer, it irks me that this file still remains at the Miscellaneous portion of my library, due to its lacking a proper tag.

I like the song, and don't want to delete it, so if you by some miracle actually know this song, please let me know.

In other news, school has started and it's good so far. I'm pissed at myself for having been such a lazy-ass last semester, as well as not sticking through my summer Algebra course (even though I still don't think I could have made it), so I am trying to be serious about this semester. In Intermediate Algebra, I'm being introduced to the wonderful world of graphing calculators. I got the one in the middle, the translucent blueberry iMac-y colored one. What you can't see are the sparkle-glittery buttons, and that just makes the calculator for me.

I feel like such a geek, that I can be this excited over how cool my calculator is. I feel overly special that mine is a hip blue with sparkly keys, when most of the free world has to use the boring, nerdy black ones. I play with it gratuitously in class when I'm bored, just so everyone else notices how cool it is. I may be a dork, but I'm a dork with a COOL FRIPPIN' CALCULATOR! (and yes, I'm stealing the word 'frippin'' from Tory, thanks for asking)

The manual is ginormous; I'm talking book-sized. I have not yet bothered to do more than randomly flip through to see the various things my calculator can do. I am not ashamed to admit that the manual scared me, and that I decided to let my teacher carry the burden of helping me figuring the damn thing out.

My calculator may be cool, but let me tell you, it's confusing as hell. We spent most of today's time covering how to graph quadratic equations, and I swear I got a brain overload headache. I forsee possible battles with Bluey, whereupon I am sorely tempted to run it over with my car. I did pretty much figure out what the teacher was talking about, and I believe I could graph a quadratic equation if you asked me to.

At one point during the homework review today, I took to playing with the applications installed on my calculator. I knew there were games, but all I seemed to have were science and math applications. Damn it, what, do they think I want some education crap on my calculator? So I looked up at the girl that took my desk and said, "Where my games is at?" She laughed and explained I'd have to plunk down another $15 for a USB cable -- god forbid a $100 calculator ship with related cables -- to connect to my computer and download the games from the internet. Damn you, Texas Instruments.

She then said she had a connector cable and games, and would put them on my calculator for me. And after class she did! So now I have games, which I'm sure will occupy me during boring homework review, offering a much-needed break from the mind-bending task of doodling the hell out of my margins.

By the way, I have had this girl in several of my classes and I have always gotten some strong blips off the old gaydar. Let's put it this way, she could be straight, but I would be very surprised. Anyway, when she took the desk I'd wanted, I joked with her about it. We'd never previously talked, but after I joked with her, she started talking to me more, laughing at my jokes and crap. Lord knows I love an audience, and I couldn't help playing to the crowd all throughout class. She might even have been flirting, but I didn't want to jump to any conclusions. Just something I took notice of.

I felt rather foolish in Sociology today, when my teacher asked us to think about marriage for a few moments. He then began asking us what our image of it consisted of. I thought people were raising their hands to agree with his questions, and was all riled up thinking about my definition, so when he got to the, "A marriage between yourself and someone of the same gender?" part, I raised my hand, kind of proudly. And then after a beat, I got that I shouldn't have raised my hand, blushed hard, and was like, Oh, I get it, rhetorical question, ha ha.. It's not even that I truly care if my classmates know I'm gay, but I tell ya, in that moment, I felt like a total tool.

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