Tuesday, August 10, 2004


I was trying a little experiment last week, to see if I could make myself post on a daily basis. I tried, and I think it worked for like three days, but alas. Actually, partly to blame is Satan's Head Cold, which is only just now starting its retreat. I first got hit with a sore throat last Thursday, and once it gathered enough momentum, the past few days have been a hazy blur.

I know I get sick a lot. I have various theories on this, but what probably hasn't helped is that I sort of picked up smoking again. I went a whole month without a single puff, and then because I was strong and feeling cocky about kicking tobacco's ass, I bummed one off someone at work during a smoke break. After that, it's been kinda down hill. In the past month, I've smoked somewhere in the ballpark of 4 packs of cigarettes. This, of course, is better than my old pack-a-day habit, but still I'm a little irritated at myself for starting up again.

I've been wrestling with both Picasa and Hello over the past few weeks, as well, to bring you a new series of goose pictures (the first series is here). I like the idea of Picasa and Hello, but maybe I'm just slower than your average bear, because I've been finding both programs to be a bit unweildy and unintuitive. Especially Hello, which is a fantastic concept, but they need to make it more user friendly, as well as provide better, more comprehensive help files. I mean, I had to go away from the Hello site, to Google how to post multiple pictures to one post.

In any case, because posting more than one photo to a post is kind of a pain, especially if you forget to type || after each photo's caption, I'm embroiled in a big mess of Hello code. I got frustrated with it and gave up, but I'll have those photos for you whenever I feel like dealing with it again.

On an unrelated note, I've begun the switch from MusicMatch Jukebox to WinAmp. I've been a faithful MusicMatch fan for years now, but frankly, recently they've been sort of bloating the program at the cost to performance. I like all the features and the interface, but with every version, it's more and more of a memory hog that freezes constantly, if not locks up completely. And I'm past the point of having patience with it, because the MusicMatch people must know about these flaws, but they don't appear to be running to fix them. The program simply gets more bloated as the version numbers rise. So I'm finally giving WinAmp a serious shot.

I don't like it as much as MusicMatch, but it does have some features MM doesn't. For one, there's the ability to generate an HTML playlist. For shits and giggles, I generated one of my music library. I'm always wanting new, good music, and love sharing/swapping with folks. So take a look at what I have, and if you want to make a trade, just email me (address is at the top of the page). Either swapping whole CDs or single songs, just let me know. My only condition is that if you tell me you want to swap CDs, that you actually send me one you've made. You know, hence the word SWAP, which, if you look it up, does NOT mean I send you one and you send me nothing in return. I can't stand leech-y bastards who can't be arsed to spend the time and 85 cents to mail me a CD. And yes, it costs only 85 cents to mail a CD, so I don't want to hear any excuses about how broke you are. I'm broke too.

So yeah, anyway, take a look.. create your own CD, if you want. I'm more than happy to share good music. Oh, and if anyone has figured out how to use the 'Now Playing' plugin for WinAmp, and can explain to me in layman's terms, would you mind terribly?

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