Tuesday, August 10, 2004

My New Neighbor

If only you knew just how afraid of spiders I am. I cannot even bear the thought of a spider on me or touching me. But I am now sharing an air conditioner with what is either a funnel weaver spider or a grass spider; in either case, the thing is fucking HUGE and totally can see me. I first noticed it as a quick retreating movement of the large spider variety, the type of thing that gives me nightmares. Big spiders. And this one has made its tunnel burrow in the crevice of the wall and air conditioner just inches away from my front door.

I did a little research because I've been trying to be less scared of spiders, and I figure the best way to do that is to learn about them. So this species can have a body length of an inch. My little neighbor is a good half-to-three-quarter inch size. Apparently these spiders are beneficial and rarely come into homes because they stay in their funnel web nest (which, by the way, my whole freaking porch is covered in.. ugh..).

This is my new neighbor, Spidey. Yes, it really is that big. It's not a trick of the light or the camera. Trust me.

Spidey is kind of shy and despite my patience, refused to come forward for a better shot. It totally sees me, it's huge.. and that's its funnel-shaped nest behind it.

Spidey with a bolt on my air conditioner, for size reference. See, it's frickin' huge!!

Spidey charged me at one point. I think. It ran forward and then backward, anyway. I figured the flash and movement was pissing it off, so I left him alone and went back inside. I'm currently running the fan on the window unit, in hopes that the vibrations will urge Sir Spidey in search of a more peaceful home.

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