Saturday, August 28, 2004

Lying Liars

I find myself increasingly irritated and frustrated by the Bush Campaign. I'm frustrated because if mainstream America knew the facts, they would be outraged and up in arms. Well, the ones able to tear themselves away from the couch, anyway.

Currently, the group calling themselves Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (paid for in large part by people on Bush's payroll) and various Bush counterparts are on the air trying to smear Kerry's military service record. So intent are they in making Kerry seem like Satan, so desperate are they to get the American public's view away from the truth about the war and the Bush administration, that they are even willing to outright lie. TO YOUR FACE, they lie.

Now, I don't know where these Swift Boat Veterans or Mr. Bush are from, but in these parts, saying "boo" to a veteran would get you punkslapped with a cane, much less questioning the hell they went through serving the country. I'm of the mind that if someone risks their life for their country and lives to tell about it, you don't get all up in their face and start saying they're a liar and they didn't really get those medals they talk about, and come to think of it, they never got wounded at all.. I bet that shrapnel in their leg, so deep that surgeons couldn't retrieve it, why, I bet they shoved that in there themselves.

I've half a mind to beat these lying liars with my own damn cane.

My god, the balls on these people. Balls! Huge ones! I mean, I guess I have to at least give them that, that they have huge fuckin' cojones for accusing a decorated veteran -- who by all accounts continually risked his life for his brothers-in-arms -- of lying about the whole thing.

Not to mention, the Purple Heart? Who in their right mind would even want one of these, considering the nature of the medal? Much less lie about it three times?

Oh, oh, oh, and don't even get me started about the hypocrisy of the frat boy who ran squealing away from the front lines, the one whose military records mysteriously vanished, leaving a whole year of his "service" in a cushy position for rich boys unclear. The guy who never saw combat accusing the decorated veteran of lying about his war experience. FUCKIN' BALLS, I tell ya.

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