Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Goodbye, Summer

Moments ago, I happened to notice this ad while checking my email. Now, I agree death happens and all, and that it's nice for a person's family if they secure some sort of money for them before they kick the bucket. What disturbs me most about this ad is the kid.

I friggin' hate insurance companies anyway, and have recently decided they exist to help folks -- out of their money, that is. This ad simply demonstrates a new low.

Using an image like that, to me, equates to emotional warfare. Most people with kids would look at a picture like that, picture themselves croaking, and then imagine their whole family sitting like the little boy, heads in hands, wailing, "Why the hell didn't s/he get life insurance??". I mean, look at that poor kid! If you must market your death products, at least try to have some sensitivity and tact? Good grief. No pun intended.

School has started, which means only 4 more months until I flee this town and get to finally go to university. I have an appointment with the director of the Forestry department on Tuesday, and I'll finally get to see the school and ask some questions. I'm very excited because it seems it's finally becoming reality.

I'm taking Intermediate Algebra and Sociology 101 this semester. Regular readers may remember that I took this Sociology class last semester, but due to my extreme night owl tendencies, I found it incredibly difficult to get up in time to make it to class by 11. After a number of absences and late arrivals, I finally gave up, feeling like I'd given up any chance of getting a good grade. The teacher is a popular one, and after Monday's class, he told me he'd wondered where I'd gone when I withdrew. That he missed having me in class, and that when he saw my name on the roster, he was glad.. and that when I walked in, he said, "Yes!"

Yeah, he actually said that to me.. and here I was under the impression that he had no idea who I was or really cared. Very nice, flattering way to start out the semester. That day was capped off by barely getting into the extremely crowded math class I wanted. I couldn't register for it because even the wait list was full, I just had to go and hope there were enough empty seats. My math teacher is very popular, too; I had no idea when I picked her last semester how high in demand she is, due to her amazing way at making algebra understandable.

I discovered today that the two brand-new books I bought for my stupid-ass Speech class last semester (that I withdrew) are completely useless. I was hoping to regain some of the money lost in those books by selling them this semester, only to find that the class requires the newer eleventh edition. I have the tenth edition, and I suppose I will likely post them on eBay just in case some person out there wants them.

The whole textbook thing is such a total rip-off, so don't even get me started.

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